Saturday, February 20, 2010

Calling Gail Simone, Calling Gail Simone...

So all I can do is hope, pray and dream that Gail Simone reads this blog enough to stumble upon this post.  Gail Simone, you are my hero and I would love to interview you!  I have loads of questions to ask you that I feel would be of great interest to your fans.  So please, do some internet searching for your name and find your way to my blog.  And if you do happen to stumble on this, please, allow me the honor of chatting with you!

But chances are you'll never read this or, if you do read it, disregard it and toss it out as another crazy fan who has no more sense than bird, still clinging onto the front of the end of a hummer wondering if it will stop anytime soon.  But one can hope!

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