Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Comic Book Review: Power Girl #8

Book Information
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Art by Amanda Conner

Vartox’s attempt to swoon Power Girl is put on pause as the Valeron beasts multiply with every punch, kick and scratch.  While the battle commences with no end in sight, Vartox continues his courting of the Kryptonian bombshell much to the dismay of Power Girl.  Will she have the ability to fight a continually spawning beast while a seedy alien male attempts to put the moves on her?  Also, what is going on with the Ultra-Humanite revenge squad?

My Thoughts
So if you thought this issue was going to deal with the Ix Negaspikes, think again.  Yes, there are about four pages of alien on alien fighting, but one big long freezing breath and a Negaspike ice hurling through space later, the dead is done.  Now the rest of the story lies with the slowly dying planet of Valeron due to its infertile women, and Vartox's attempts to bring his “sexy” courting of Power Girl to it's maximum potential.  Palmiotti and Gray are in full form with their writing, creating the same humorous storyline we have come to expect from this highly successful title.

The “date” goes from bad, to worse, to horrific as Vartox goes through his courting ritual, causing Power Girl to initiate her gag reflex.  The hilarity of the whole situation is unbelievable, all the way from Vartox’s see-through lingerie, to Power Girl’s over the top drunkenness.  The best part is, amongst all the seedy, child molester attitude, Valeron sex involves no contact between partners which throws Power Girl for a loop.  But what really puts a twist on the whole situation is how offended Vartox becomes by Power Girl’s unrelenting laughter.  You have to admit, even in an alien world, a machine called a “Prego-ray” is undeniably hilarious!  Palmiotti and Gray will always hold a special place in my heart as the writers of Power Girl.

As much as I don’t blame Vartox for wanting to mate with the bombshell that is Power Girl, I still can’t help but think the over sexed up aspect of this title goes too far at times.  I realize it’s part of the joke and all, but there really is more to Power Girl than just her boobs, and the fact that men drool over her like hungry puppies.  Ever since this title began, there hasn’t been one issue that doesn’t deal with her boobs and/or sexuality.  Even her deeper, more emotional story involves her boobs, where she feels this since of lost not knowing who she she cuts a hole in her shirt, exposing her boobs.  It’s fine, I like how hot she is, but I’m hoping for some deeper stories in the near future.

A lot of fun and a laugh with every page turn.  I certainly hope the Ultra-Humanite mystery starts up soon!

Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

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