Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heretical Jargon: Pepsiman

So Apparently Peps-Cola came up with a brilliant (yeah) idea concept called "Pepsiman" to appeal to thier younger consumers.  It's costume design was based on the can style during that time of distribution.  His mission, to seek out thirsty civillians and quench their thirst by delivering a pepsi to them.  While creative it is...still kind of scary!

There was even a video game made for the Sega-Genesis console in which the same cola-seeking concept was applied....

But of course nothing (and I do mean nothing) could have prepared me for the bilarity of this Pepsiman toy product and the brilliant selling scheme on it's front....

Yes, they used the word "FUCT" which apparently means the opposite of "FACT" in Pepsi lingo.  It's wonderfully terrifying!  I think I'll be adding this to my Facebook photos and quite possible my profile picture.  In the meantime, go to google and type in "Pepsiman" and look at all the images that will pop up.  It's amazing!

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