Sunday, February 7, 2010

Comic Book Review: Superman World Of New Krypton #12 (of 12)

Book Information
Written by James Robinson & Greg Rucka
Art by Pete Woods & Ron Randall.

The perpetrator of the series of murders has been revealed!  Superman is now faced with the terrible truth that one of its own council members has been plotting against New Krypton and Earth since Kandor was freed of Brainiac’s bottled prison.  Superman now faces death as the culprit does all he can to keep his dealings a secret!

My Thoughts
Twelve issues have past.  Twelve installments of a mystery have been put to paper.  As I finished this twelfth and final issue of this mini, I sit back and ask myself…”What The Fuck?!?!”  Let’s keep in mind that within this miniseries were three OTHER miniseries that had little or nothing to do with the overall scheme of the World of New Krypton.  What was the point of this series?  How does it push the regular Superman title forward and connect with the happenings going on Earth currently?  I find myself at a loss in many different aspects.

First, can anyone explain Zod’s strange behavior?  He kept jumping back and forth from acting mysteriously like the villain, to portraying the stature of a truly reformed man.  Yet we know from past issue of Action comics that while everything was happening on New Krypton, he had sleeper agents on Earth doing his biding.  Yet Zod remains unmoved by the turns of events and by the revelation of his laboratory experiments which have seemed to hurt the labor guild.  Maybe I’m over analyzing the situation, but the behavior patterns he displayed and the end result of this series do not match up.

Adam Strange seems to have disappeared just a quickly as he appeared, and with no real sense of accomplishment.  Yeah, he helped Superman solve a few mysteries, but what else did he accomplish that couldn’t have been done without his involvement?  Was Adam Strange brought in to this story just for the sake of doing so?  DC is having a huge “silver age” movement and resurrecting long lost heroes, but Adam Strange’s resurrection seems to be out of place, contrived, and unneeded.  It was cool to have him there, but why? 

And of course, the ending of this mini series has to reveal the murdering bastard correct?  I’m sure we all came to the conclusion that the culprit would be a complete surprise, someone we weren’t expecting right?  Well, that can definitely be said for this issue.  I was so surprised by the out come because I couldn’t remember seeing this man more than two or three times in this whole series!  In fact, with all of the events and how they unfolded, and how characters developed in this story, it doesn’t make sense.  This council member has very little dialogue and doesn’t make appearances in most of the series.  In addition, his motivation for committing these crimes is very confusing and causes me to scratch my head in concern for my own deductive reasoning skills.  “Did I miss something?” I asked myself.  The reason why this review is so late is because I went back through all twelve issues to see where I may have dosed off and missed some important plot twist which would have helped explain this ending to me.  Not surprisingly, I finished skimming all of the comics with no avail.  Robinson did not do this series justice.  DC would have been better off hiring Greg Rucka to write the entire run.  At least DC was intelligent enough to enlist the talents of Rucka before the end to help this series make some semblance of a conclusion, even though there was none.

Horrible!  I want my $36 and twelve months back that I wasted on this series.  I might even dump this series in the trash it was so bad!  (And that’s saying a lot for me.)  Honestly, if you are waiting for the trade to come out, don’t waste your money.  At least you were saved the pain and torment of paying $3 a month that I wasn’t.

Rating: 0 out of 10 stars

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