Saturday, February 27, 2010

Comic Book Reviews: Blackest Night #7 (of 8)

Book Information
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Ivan Reis

Nekron takes the DC universe by storm as new revelations take shape that will change the DC Universe forever.  Not only has a secret that the Guardians have been keeping for centuries been revealed, and the mystery of the full colored spectrum discovered, a very unsuspecting character claims a new found power that may very well make him the world’s “Greatest Lantern.”   

My Thoughts
This issue truly does exemplify the deceptive demeanor of the Guardians of the Universe.  Just when you think the Guardians resume of secrets couldn’t get any longer, Geoff Johns pulls the coup de grace and hits us where it hurts.  This revealed secret won’t just impact DC, it will change it forever.  This issue confirms my notion that Geoff Johns truly was hired to remap the DC Universe.

The story takes us in the heat of battle, where the four newly inducted corps members are spending more time fighting off Lex Luthor than they are Nekron.  At first glance I was annoyed since the Avarice theme has been a tad bit overplayed.  But as soon as I realized this was a distraction that Nekron used to deliver his final blow, my annoyance weltered away.  What did take me by surprise, as I’m sure it did for everyone else, is who claimed the white light.  Now as I find it really interesting and cool, at the same time I feel weirded out by it.  It fits Sinestro’s character as he has always had this desire to become greater than every Lantern to exist, and the gorgeous final page where he bursts out wielding the white light and costume, it feels awkward.  But I’m sure as this is not the end, and the effects of Blackest Night will most definitely branch out for years in DC’s future, that some major changes will occur that will blow us away.

The personal vendetta that Black Hand has with the world is an amazing addition to the story.  In fact, this issue brings to life the fact that the Black Lantern corps is not just some mindless band of the undead, but a society with a definite purpose driven goal.  What’s weird to me, however, is that I’m beginning to feel that the Black Lantern Corps, while still the bad guys, seem to be out to stop what they feel is a greater evil.  Because of that fact, I have developed a greater sympathy for them.

Ivan Reis continues to amaze me with his brilliant mastery over everything he does.  However, this issue felt a little too colorful.  I understand that this is what would happen were Blackest Night a REAL event, but the array of colors was a tad overwhelming at times.  But Reis does manage to create the effect I’m sure he was going for as the color spectrum becomes chaotic and plethoric.  I begin to wonder if Johns intends to create some type of message where the depiction of working together is at the heart of the story.

A great issue.  One of the best comics to be published this month and quite possibly, this year.  But still, questions continually build up.  Which in turn means we are in for, no doubt a BIG ending come March.

Rating: 9 out of 10 stars

Next Issue Coming March 31st, 2010
The extra-sized conclusion to the most talked-about event in comics is here, and the results will change the course of the DC Universe for years to come. Earth has become the final battleground for life versus death, but how will our heroes fight back against the darkness of sentient space itself? And what does the future hold for Green Lantern, The Flash and the rest of the world's greatest heroes and villains? Find out here as the stage is set for the next epic era of DC Comics!

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