Saturday, February 13, 2010

Top Ten Comics For January 2010

10. Batman & Robin # 7 (7/10)
Written By Grant Morrison
Art By Cameron Stewart

Reason For Rating
I felt there was a lot of bad reasoning behind putting Dick Grayson in the UK.  Yes the Lazarus Pit is there, but it was a poor reintroduction to the British versions of Batman and Robin.  I also thought the artwork could have been found on a Saturday morning cartoon; very immature art with a mediocre storyline.
9. Superman # 696 (7/10)
Written By James Robinson
Art By Bernard Chang

Reason For Rating
The artwork was the main reason for this top ten placing, however James Robinson sure steps up his writing game with this issue.  However, Robinson still isn't the writer he needs to be to make a good Superman story
8. Secret Six #17 (8/10)
Written By Gail Simone & John Ostrander
Art By J. Calafiore

Reason For Rating
Simone's writing is the reason why this book has been placed so high.  However, Calafiore's artwork dumbs it down a bit.  If the artwork had matched Simone's writing better, this book could have been a lot higher.
7. Justice League: A Cry For Justice #6 (8.5/10)
Written By James Robinson
Art By Scott Clark

Reason For Rating
Robinson's shockingly good storytelling and Scott Clark's above average art work.  In a lot of ways, I like Clark's art work better in this title.
6. Batman #695 (9/10)
Written By Tony Daniel
Art By Sandu Florea

Reason For Rating
Daniel's wrote a true Batman story, that's all there is to it.
5. Green Lantern Corps #44 (9/10)
Written By Peter J. Tomasi
Art By Patrick Gleeson & Rebecca Buchman

Reason For Rating
I think shock was what did it for me with this issue.  I'm not surprised that so many have named this book "Best Comic of 2009."
4. Weird Western Tales #71 (9/10)
Written By Dan Didio
Art By Renato Arlem 

Reason For Rating
Dan Didio is just a good writer and can tell fantastic stories. 
3. The Phantom Stranger #42 (9.5/10)
Written By Peter J. Tomasi
Art By Ardian Syaf & Vicente Cifuentes 

Reason For Rating
No reason other than the fact that, like Weird Western Tales, this was a fun detective/mysterious fantasy story.  Bringing the silver age back to comics was a genius idea.
2. Supergirl #49 (9.5/10)
Written By Sterling Gates
Art By Matt Camp

Reason For Rating
If you write a good terrifying tale, you're going to get at least one!
1. Wonder Woman #40 (10/10)
Written By Gail Simone
Art By Aaron Lopresti

Reason For Rating
Gail Simone...Nothing more needs to be said.  She is the best writer in comics right now.

Everything she writes is personal, meaningful, educated, fun, artistic, etc etc.

Aaron Lopresti, arguable the best artist in comics.  While still remaining in the comic book style, Lopresti's attention to detail is never something one should question.

Wonder Woman, if it continues down this path of pure awesomness, will once again be in the running for Best Comic Of The Year for 2010.

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