Saturday, May 30, 2009

Best and Worst for May

Best Book Of The Month
Green Lantern #41

Geoff Johns continually makes his readers happy by writing top notch storylines, dialog and characters. This war of the emotional light spectrum has been incredible! With all of the new corps coming in, there's only one corps that is the most confusing and tiwsted, The Orange lantern corps. However, it isn't technically a corps since there is only one living member, Larfleeze. All the rest are dead and the souls are contained within Larfleezes ring.

I wont give away the story, it's so good you'll have to read it yourself. But what we learn of the deal made between the Guardians and Larfleeze is quite interesting, especially when we learn what was in the box carried by Larfleeze. And of course, we also have the trauma of Hal Jordan being stuck with two lantern rings, one green and one blue. Larfleeze, since the orange light represents avarice, or greed, desires Jordan's blue rings so much that he's willing to do whatever it takes to have it. And boy how he does it is a doozy!

I wont say much more, you just need to go read this issue and find out why this is the best book of the month!

Worst Book Of The Month
Justice League of America #33

Words escape me. I can't describe how bad this book is. Dwayne McDuffie has really torn up his writing career with this issue. Ever since McDuffie got on the Justice League title, it's gotten worse and worse as the months go by. I honestly thought a few months ago he could only go up from his choice a story writing, but no, this tops it all.

It's full of boring dialog page after page. McDuffie claims that his writing has not been that great because of the cards he was dealt. he was upset by not having Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman in the title and felt that he wasn't able to use the big guns, the hero's everyone knows and loves, to make the story great. Because of that, he feels that is why the stories in JLA have not been up to par.

My response, BS! If you are a good writer, you can make anything work. McDuffie has been put on the same level as Grant Morrison in my opinion...and that's definatly not a compliment!

And here is my ranking list from the best to
the worst of the comics I read this month. Click on the issue title for more information on that specific title.

1. Green Lantern #41
Worth your money! Go buy it!

2. Wonder Woman #32
At first I wasn't real excited about this story arc. but Gail is doing a bang up job with it.

3. Power Girl #1
Jimmy Palmiotti is going to do wonderful work while he's on this title!

4. Superman: World of New Krypton #3
Im surprisingly impressed by how this mini series is going.

5. Justice Society of America #27
First issue with a new writer. And not a bad job! Im excited to see what else happens.

6. Green Lantern Corps #36
Peter Tomasi has been doing great work with GL Corps. I hope he sticks with it.

7. Supergirl #41
Nothing to exciting, but still very enjoyable!

8. Batman: Battle for the Cowl #3
It was good, but I knew what was coming at me before battle for the cowl even started. So no surprises with Dick becoming Batman.

9. Action Comics #877
Im still not sure what I think of Flamebird and Nightwing. I have a feeling this wont be as good as DC hopes it to be.

10. Superman #688
Mon-El just isn't getting me excited. I wish they would have just put a hold on the Superman title until World of New Krypton is done after 15 issues.

11. Justice League of America #33

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  1. I agree with Wonder Woman, Rise of the Olympian has been criminally under promoted by DC! Gail's doing a fantastic job at the moment.