Friday, May 1, 2009

Movie Review - Punisher: War Zone

If there was ever a film I absolutely refused to see, it would be Punisher: War Zone. I would have rather brushed my teeth and then drink orange juice then go see this movie. The reason being is it looked more like a shoot 'em up action movie with very little substance and no real plot. But I decided that I would have some fun and get together with a friend and we would have a mystery Science Theater 3000 movie night and make fun of the film. my friend, Mike, and I both had no desire to see this film, and even going into watching it, we were both still dreading it. And what made matters even better, I dragged my wife along in the fun.

The first Punisher was fantastic, It met all expectations and went above and beyond at bring a quality story to the big screen. War Zone, based on the previews, seemed to lack everything that made the first punisher movie (starring Tom Jame) had.

Mike, my wife and myself sat down on a couch, and hit play. And the film started.Now Mike is a Marvel fan, I myself am I DC fan so I trusted Mike to let me know when there was something going on in the movie that I wouldn't quite get. I also knew that since he is a marvel fan, he would have a better chance at appriciating the film than I would. We both soon learned that this film couldn't be appriciated by either a marvel or DC fan.

We watched the film from beginning to end, and while we did we all were wondering why we were watching this very poorly made film. The special effects were quite bad. (how many color filters can one film have???) The script was the worst script I've ever experienced in a film, and the plot was non existant. We were bored through 20% of it, Perplexed at the films stupidity through 30% of it, and laugh through 50% of it! I honestly have nothing good to say about the film. Every step that was taken to make this film good was poorly taken, and there was no real way of saving this film from being a complete disater. I tried so desperatly hard to like the film (not really) but there really was no chance at this film being well done.

There was a moment where Mike turned to my wife and myself and asked "you know, we don't have to finish this you the two of you dont want to." But I was determined to see how the film finished.The film was done.

The three of us sat in awe. And for about a half hour we talked about how bad the film was and how we all probably became dumber due to the number of our brain cells the movie killed. But here's the great part! I would recommend everyone, man woman and child to see this film. It is an experience you'll never forget. get your friends together and watch this film and make fun of it and laugh your heads off. But only rent it, don't buy it. It's not worth your money.

- 20 Stars out of 5 Stars

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  1. "Brush my teeth and drink Orange juice" ... That was always you favorite line from "High Strung" =)