Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Half Priced Books Memorial Day Sale.......

So half priced books on those special holidays will have 20% off everything sale. Which meant I was THERE!!!

My typical routine at half price books is to first go straight to the comic book and graphic novel section. Im always find really good comics that I want or am missing. I then go to the Sci/fi book section and look for books by my favorite authors, and then my last stop is the movies.
Well, here are a few items I found, some I bought....

Superman: The Man of Steel #77
this was after Superman had become a being of energy and was split into two entities. i did not get to read this huge story arc so it's nice to finally be able to start getting issues from this arc. I remember how displeased fans were about the change Superman was going through. Personally, I thought this was a dumb i dea but the story itself is fairly decent.

The Adventures of Superman #499
This was another story arc i didn't particularly follow due to being over seas in Budapest Hungary. Superman died, Like most superheros seemed to do. I remember when people became incresingly upset about Superman dying. There were bomb threats made to DC comics, death threats, tons of hate mail, etc etc etc!

Wonder Woman # 131
One of the many Wonder Woman issue I lost in moving to Des Moines Iowa. I have over 100 Wonder Woman comics that somehow magically disappeared in moving to Des Moines. I think i misplaced it because no one I know before I moved would have stolen any comics from me. but this is a fun issue, along side the Justice Society...AWESOME!!!
I also found a book by Neil Gaiman that I love, Neverwhere. Now I have only read the graphic novel, so I thought to myself "I wonder how different the book and the graphic novel are?" So I decided to pick it up. All of this for only $4.00!!! Life is good!
Now one thing I was exceptionally tempted to buy when i went over to the DVD section was all three seasons of the Wonder Woman with Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman! The show is terrible I know, but all three seasons together in a box set for only 20 bucks! That's just unbeatable!!! And Im a Wonder Woman fan so it was just so tempting. however, seeing as how I'll be moving to Colorado in about two months, I figured it wasn't that best investment to make at this point. There's always netflix, and my Amazon.com wishlist!!!! (present ideas everyone!!)

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