Sunday, May 10, 2009

Movie Review: Star Trek

I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed a star trek film as much as I enjoyed this one. I have nearly nothing bad to say about it. For what it was and what it was trying to accomplish, it was near perfect.

The casting for the film was fantastic. Growing up with a mother who was a Trekkie, it was fun to see these young actors recreate these roles. Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy, AKA "Bones" was spot on! But what I was happy about the most was how true the stayed to the characters. The actors of course have a job of making a role their own, But they also need to remember why audiences love these characters and maintain that. And they sure didn't disappoint.

And of course the same type of humor that was used in the series was continued in the film, while keeping the series undertones flowing throughout the film.

There were a few moments in the film I thought were either poorly timed or not planed well. Scotty seemed to have appeared out of no where, like the writers were trying to fit him in the script but couldn't figure out how. So they had him out in the middle of a frozen wasteland?

As much as I like Eric Bana as an Actor, I felt his character wasn't a great least as far as evil people goes. His accent seemed to be a combination of a Texes Cowboy and and a American gang lord. But maybe that's what the director was going for!

Films and stories dealing with time travel have always confused the heck out of me. You first are dealing with the paradox of time, how can someone travel back in time and meet him or herself? It seem like it couldn't be physically possible. But that's the great thing about Sci-fi!

Now even though these three aspects of the film I wasn't particularly found of, it was still not enough to hinder my ability to enjoy the film. The script was well written, acting fantastic, special affects astounding, music wonderful, etc etc etc! I can say this with absolute certainty that anyone, sci/fi fan or not, can enjoy this film due to how entertaining it is. You'll find yourself laughing through 60 - 70% of it, and the rest you sit on the edge of your seats enjoying the thrill ride!

Go watch this film, it's worth your money!

5 out of 5 stars!

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  1. I'm so excited to see this movie!!! I'm going on Tuesday.