Sunday, May 3, 2009

Movie Review: X-men Origins - Wolverine.

All I can say is, in comparison to X-Men 3: The Last Stand, X-men Origins: Wolverine is a fantastic film. However, in comparison to all of the other films Marvel has put out in the last few years, (with the exception of Punisher: Warzone) I wouldn't say it's their best.

X-men United (x-men 2) left us in a state of wonder. Who is Wolverine? How are he and Stryker connected? What exactly was done to Wolverine to cause him to loose every memory he ever had? And so many other questions. Now these questions are answered in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

It starts out quite well. We see the moment where he firsts discoveres his powers, We learn of the reletionship with Sabertooth, (from the first X-Men) And we learned that he is much much older than we originally thought which is is due to his mutant healing power. Logan was also apart of a team of Mutant assasins lead by Stryker along with his brother victor. (Sabertooth) Logan, being the conflicted one on the team decides to quit the team, leaving his brother Victor behind. Well this developes into Victor resenting Logan for abandoning him, and Stryker of course has an even bigger plan for Logan.

We later laern than Strykers team was meant to distroy mutants because of his hatred for mutants and starts experimentations on mutants to create the ultimate mutant killing machiene. A combination of many different mutant powers from kidnapped mutants were jammed into one single mutant. And of course this leads into a final battle between Wolverine and the Mutant mayhem incarnation. We also have Loan and victor coming back together as brothers fighting together to beat the monster.

There are some special huests apperances by Prof. Charles Xavier and a much younger version of Scott Summers. (Cyclops.) Along with that we have new characters being introduced that X-Men readers will recognize.

I really enjoyed the film overall, it was very well casted, filmed, etc etc. There times when it dragged a little, but it wasn't anything incredibly huge. The special effects were a little less than impressive, and Im reffering mainly to the CGI effects. Wolverines claws definatly akwardly cartoonish. I thought the claws were done much better in the first 3 x-men films. The story was a predictable one and very hollywoodish. In comparison with the first 2 x-men films, I wouldn't say it was better or even as good, but it is definatly an entertaining film and worth the money to go see.

3.5 stars out of 5

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  1. I'm sad it's not as good as it could be...but I'm still really excited to see it!!