Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Excitement is on it's way!!!

So this summer is an exciting one in the DC comics universe. DC has already shown 2009 to be an exceptional year with all of the great stories. Great events, story arcs, mini series and new titles are definatly coming our way that show amazing potential.
To Start off, the most anticipated event in DC's history, The Blackest night is without a doubt going to be exciting. With the black Lantern corps coming closer and closer to being revealed, we all have to wonder who will be coming back as a Black Lantern. Since the Black Lantern corps light represents death, anyone who has died can become a Black Lantern. Does that mean Martian Manhunter will rise? Or Superboy Prime, Batman, Laira? And better yet, could Thomas and Martha Wayne return from the dead as black lanterns? Also, what will the future hold for Hal Jordan and this connection he has with the blue lantern corps? Writer Geoff Johns has truly created something within the Green Lantern title that has gone way beyond my expectations.

Batman has definatly been an interesting series for the last few months. With Bruce Wayne "dead," and the battle for the cowl series going to, the question in everyone's mind is "who will be the next Batman?" I have my own opinion about who it will be but I can't say with absolute certainty who it might be. But my guess is it will be Dick Grayson. And if that is the case, what happens to Nightwing? will someone take up that mantle or will there never be a Nightwing again?
If you have been following Superman, you know that he is currently not on Earth and is living on New Krypton attempting to live his roots and to find out what Alura and General Zod are up too. I have not currently been reading the New Krypton series as i am waiting for it to come out in trade paperback, which could be a while since the series is set for 15 issues. (15 months of waiting! aaahhhh!!!!) but if you have the money, I would recommend reading it, from what ive heard, it's very very good.

May 6th will bring us the very first issue of Power Girl. I've wonder for the last few years when she was going to get her own title. She hold the same level of respect among readers that Wonder Woman does. It's long over due that she has her own series. And with Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray on board with the writing and Amanda Conner's taking charge of the art, I have great hopes for this series taking off with a bang!

The Justice League of America has taken some hits. With Batman dead, Superman gone to live on New Krypton and Wonder Woman taking a leave of absence, the three main hitters seem to have taken a huge toll on the strong union the league once had. With Hal Jordan having little confidence in the leagues continuity, he has taken it upon himself to form a new league and has recruited people like Green Arrow, The Atom, Supergirl, a giant ape, and more. It will start up in July and as of right now is a 6 issue mini-series. The JLA title is still set to continue along with the new Justice league title with Hal Jordan in the leadership position. It is yet unknown if the new JL title will continue regularly after the mini series is done. But I am pretty excited about it especially since the Justice League of America series has really gone down hill these last few months as far as the writing is concerned.

The only series I have my doubts about is the Animal Man series which I am unsure of when it is to start. I assume this summer. Animal Man Ive felt was always kind of a waste of a character and really doesn't deserve his own series.

In addition to the currently running Batman title, there will be a new title called Batman and Robin to start up in the first week in June. It will start off with the new Batman and the new Robin. Tim Drake will not be the new Robin as he is going to be staring in his own series titled "Red Robin, starting up this summer. So who will be the new Robin to join the Dynamic Duo? My only reservation I have about the new title is the writer DC hired to start the series off, Grant Morrison. I have never enjoyed anything he has done, even the Batman R.I.P. story arc. However, I am excited for this title and hope that Grant Morrison will redeem himself.

There is more exciting stuff going on and im sure you can discover these for yourself at dccomics.com.

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  1. What...batman died! No matter...Chrisian Bale will always be batman to me (hehe)