Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Top Ten Greatest Comic Books Films According To Me!

So Wizard Magazine recently came out with a top 50 list of the 50 greatest comic book movies of all time. To find out what movie made this list, visit this site...

I feel this list is pretty bad, not a well thought out list at all. So! I have taken it upon myself to create my Own list. I wont be making a top 50 list, that would WAY too much time. So Ive only created a top ten list. Granted, this list is based only on movies I have seen so if there is a film that you feel is not on here and should be, it's either because I have not seen it, or because you are wrong!

My Top Ten Best Comic Book Movies Ever Made...

10. The Punisher
Without a doubt Tom Jane IS the Punisher. Casting was spot on for this film. My only gripe is the plot was a bit predictable. I knew he would get his revenge and i knew how he was going to do it.

9. Sin City
As much as I dislike Frank Miller, this film is an absolute smash! All of the work it took make this film a success is indescribable. This is film noir at it's finest!

8. X-Men
Seeing as how this movie kind started the whole comic movie faze going on right now, I just can't see myself NOT putting it in the top ten list. However, it's a very intellegently and well done film. It will go down in history as one of the best.

7. Batman Begins
This film took people by surprise by how great it was. Every step in making this film was carefully done to ensure that this wasn't just any comic book movie. the realistic approach works quite well while still mantaining that comic feel.

6. Road to Perdition
The script for this film is phenominal. The film does drag a few times hoever, but other than that, there isn't much wrong with this film at all. Wonderfully done.

5. Persepolis
The story of a girl growing up in Nazi germany. A beutiful story and beutifully animated. A definate must see!

4. Hulk
I never get tired of seeing this movie. I love the appraoch that was taken in developing the character of bruce banner and the Hulk. Incredibly dark and twisted. The cinematography is without a doubt one of the more intellegent I have ever seen. Ang Lee went above and beyond in this film. The reviews given by many critics and fans of this film being terrible I really don't agree with. It had it's flaws yes, but it is such a creative film.

3. Watchmen
being my favorite story of all time, I was of course going into with a very analytical eye. Overall I thought this film was incredible. The only gripe I had was it pumped through the story at 100 miles per hour so the audience didn't have alot of time to breath. but the adaptation was spot on, casting was perfect. The changes made in the film were perfectly fine. The ending, even though it was disapointing because i wanted to see the giant squid, still made sense because what had to be left out of the story. One of my favorite movies!

2. V for vendetta
I don't believe I have ever in my life thought a film is better than the book. And even though I enjoyed the graphic novel more, there are certain things that happen in the film that I thought were better on screen than on paper. There were even some changes made in the film that I felt were an improvment on the story for the big screen. Casting of course was tremendous. I loved natalie Portmans take on making Eve much more head strong, rather than a dumb, weak girl.

1. The Dark Knight
My favorite movie! A masterpiece in film making! This film is not only good comic book movie, but it's a flat out gream film in general. The twists and turns the story takes is completely mind boggeling! Heath Ledgers performance was top notch and without a doubt the best performance of the year. The film was close to perfect. I was actually very surprised that the film wasn't nominated for an acedemy award for Best picture. Going along with batman Begins, TDK takes a realistic approach and it works incredibly well. this film is proof that the superhero genre can be taken seriously. It is going to take alot for another comic book movie to beat this masterpiece.

Now, as something fun, here is a list of my top five WORST comic book films ever made...

5. X-Men 3
This just wasn't done well. What they tried to do with the Phoenix story really didn't work at all. Im was very disapointed in this film, especially since the previous two were incredible.

4. Captain America
This film was trying desperatly hard to be a good film. but it ultimately flopped on it's face really hard.

3. The Phantom
For an action film, this was quite boring. Billy Zane did a fair job, but there was really nothing fun about the film. Plus the acting overall was quite terrible

2. Flash Gordon
yes, I put this film at number two because it truly is a bad film. however, that being said, i absolutly LOVE this movie. It's campy on purpose, which makes it one of my favorite BAD movies ever! Love it!!

1. Punisher: War Zone
not only is this movie the worst comic book movie I have ever seen, it's is without a doubt the worst movie in general I have ever seen. I'm not even sure how this film made it past paragraph one! There was a point where I really wanted to stop the DVD, and go watch the home shopping network because that would be more entertaining than this film was.


  1. You're right...I completely disagree with the 3rd X-men movie being one of the worst. I don't think it has to be one of the best, but one of the worst ever???!!! Come on...there has to be ones that you think were worse. I really enjoyed that movie.

    I Definetly agree with "The Dark Knight"...so amazing!!! Althought I thought it was a good movie...I wouldn't put "The Watchmen" that high. I actually got a little bored with that movie and the novel is definelty NOT boring. I think it could have been a lot better.

    Otherwise I think this is a pretty good list. I haven't seen all of them so I can't comment on them all. If I were making this list I would have probably put the Spiderman movies up there because I LOVE THOSE MOVIES =). Also, I had no idea that Road to Perdition was a comic book...good movie though.

  2. Yeah, the 3rd X-Men, just truly bad. Especially in comparison with the other two. The connection with the previous two films was lost, no where to be seen.

    I agree Watchmen was flawed in some spots, but overall, it really was an amazing film. the script was fantastic! Editing great. Acting was spot on. and as an adaption, truly remarkably accurate!

    The Spider-Man franchise, even though they were good movie, they were more fun than anything else. They aren't worthy of a top ten ranking in history of comic book films. They weren't these spectacular works of art.

  3. I was wondering about Unbreakable? I know that it wasn't made from a comic book, but is that one of the requirements? I do believe it is a comic book movie because comics are the whole basis of the movie. Just simply fantastic too. One of his best.

  4. No, I don't qualify it as a comic book movie. It had to have started as a comic book for that qualification to be made.