Sunday, May 31, 2009

McDuffie fired from writing Justice League

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Writer Dwayne McDuffie revealed today on his message board that he’s been fired from Justice League of America, saying “it was my own doing.”

His dismissal came after “Lying in the Gutters” columnist Rich Johnston “ran a compilation of two years or so of my answers to fans’ questions on the DC Comics discussion boards,” McDuffie posted, referencing this May 4th column. “I’m told my removal had nothing to with either the quality of my work or the level of sales, rather with my revelation of behind-the-scenes creative discussions.”

If you look through the column, you’ll see several statements that show McDuffie’s frustrations with working on the title, from comments on how the Anansi storyline was “about my not having control of the stories in my book” to remarks about how DC’s big guns — from Superman and Batman to Green Arrow and Captain Marvel — weren’t available for his use.
“I’m doing ‘Cap’s Kooky Quartet’,” McDuffie wrote. “Of course, in this case Captain America isn’t available, either.”

McDuffie did share some “what might have been” thoughts on JLA:
I have to say I’m a bit disappointed, because next summer was planned to feature a JLA-driven crossover, where my book’s story line would have been the driving force. I’m distressed by where I left Black Canary, as my intention was to use the current subplot to strengthen her character and relationships with the new membership, and instead I’m leaving her at the bottom of a hole I’d intended to rebuild her from. I was also just about to get a regular artist for the first time since I’ve been on the book, which would have been nice. That said, I’m sure DC’s going to put together a creative team that will generate major excitement around JLA, which is as it should be.

He also said he has a pretty full plate, as he’s editing Cartoon Network’s Ben 10: Alien Force and the upcoming Ben 10: Evolutions series. He’s also working on a new project called Milestone Forever for DC, just finished a video game script, and is writing a direct-to-DVD animated feature for Warner Animation.

As for Justice League, it looks like Issue 33, which came out today, is his last. Len Wein is writing the next few issues, and was doing so initially to give McDuffie a break while he worked on his various TV projects.

My Response:

I personally am quite happy that that Mcduffie is off JLA. he has absolutly destroyed The Justice League title. Ever since McDuffie came on bored, most of his stuff has been nothing but boring dialog and random incoherent jargon that seems to drag on and on. This last issue was without a doubt the worst of this JLA run. I can not recall ever being as bored with a comic as I was with JLA #33.

What I also find hilarious is on the cover you'll see Starbreaker and Dharma fighting on the cover, but we never actually see Starbreaker until the last few pages, plus, Starbreaker and Dharma don't have a fight at all in the book. plus, we see Superman on the cover as well, yet he doesn't appear on the pages of this issue once!

Ive never followed McDuffie well in the past, but based on the time he has spent on JLA these last few months, I probably will never go out of my way to read anything he does again. I know he was handed alot of crap from DC, but if a writer can't work with what he is given and make it work, than that writer should NOT be doing the project.

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  1. Yeah I can't say I'll be going out of my way to pick anything of his up in future... alot of issues felt like he was writing for a Ben 10 audience, or Johnny DC.