Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Comic Reviews for April

Action Comics #876 - Good, well written. However, I feel like Nightwing and Flamebird aren't doing so hot right now as far as being replacement protectors. Im not even sure I'm enjoying them being in Action Comics. Maybe they just need to grow on me. Dc will need to convince me that Flamebird and Nightwing are good and strong protectors in Supermans absence.

Superman #687 - I think I like Mon-El and I like how they are integrating him into the city of Metropolis. I think it's good that they are making this not look like an easy thing. Mon-El is really going to have to work at leading the double lifestyle.

Supergirl #40 - This title really is growing on me. The whole story with Superwoman has really been interesting to follow. However, what is starting to annoy me is how much Supergirl is struggling with her identity. It seems like she does more whining than discovering about who she is. But I am excited to see how they make this all work out with Major Lane being Superwoman!

Detective Comics #853 - If only Neil Gaiman would write for more comics in DC. This was a fantastic way to end Bruce Waynes reign as the Caped Crusader. However, I think it will upset some fans because Gaiman left very very VERY little room for Bruce Wayne to ever return from the dead, seeing as how technically he is not dead, just in another dimension...as a baby (read Final Crisis to understand more.) I don't see Bruce Wayne ever returning as batman. I found this issue very encouraging and happy, the conversation Bruce had with his mother was very heart warming and nuturing, and it's something Bruce Wayne, above all else, needed to help him accept what was happening to him.

Wonder Woman #31 - The story arc "rise of an Olympian" is getting stronger and stronger as the story progresses. I had my misgivings about this story arc at first, but it's becoming quite griping and full of angst! I think Wonder Woman fighting Achilles was a stroke of genius. and there are some thing we learn about Genocide that really help to understand what her/his (I cant figure out its it's a male or female...maybe neither!) status is in the story.

Green Lantern #40- All I can say is WOW! This title has been great from issue #1 to issue #40. The way Geoff Johns is handling the story for this whole series has been above and beyond the expectations of most readers. Now with all of the different lantern corps, it's getting even more intense. Before Agent orange came along, I didn't think the orange lantern corps would be that great. But wow, Johns knows how to prove me wrong! What Johns is greatest at is his purposefully way of telling a story. The more the story progresses, the more I understand why he is writing the story, that is leading to the blackest night, the way he does. Right now, Green Lantern is without a doubt my favorite comic book title.

Green Lantern Corps #35 - I actually wasn't that impressed with this issue of GL Corps. maybe i'm comparing it to Green Lantern to much but I just didn't think it did that well. I still enjoyed the book, but I felt there was a little too much lingering and drag in this issue writing. however, it is becoming very twisted and disgusting. I would definatly find having my own toungue hanging from my neck disturbing and scaring.

Justice League of America #32 - Dwayne McDuffie just killing the JLA right now. the story is going way down hill. I was excited however to see Starbreaker come back. I hadn't seen him in much of anything since the early 90's....and I was a true kid then! But the way he was brought back an everything encompassing the hidden layer of the trinity just isn't working for me. Ill be glad when McDuffie is off the book.

Justice Society of America #26 - With the Marvel Family finally at peace, Johns decided (I deduce) that we needed a break from all the drama and gave us a nice, happy story to end the dramatic story arc. I think it was kind of nice to just sit back and see how super heroes have fun and enjoy each others company. It was pleasant and funny.Over all, I can say this month was enjoyable with the titles I read. I'm excited to see hows things pan out! But I've got to find a way to afford it all! May brings Power girl and Blackest night. geez!!!!!

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