Monday, May 11, 2009

My crush on Wonder Woman...REVEALED!

I remember sitting in my room reading the latest issue of the Justice league of America when I was but a wee little middle schooler. My mom yelled at me from down stairs, "Jimmy, are you enjoying your comic?" And to my dismay, I could not lie to her. "No I'm not, Wonder Woman isn't in this issue!"

yes, tis true, I have had this undeniable love for Wonder Woman since I can remember. She is without a doubt the female heroine that defines the comic book female. Strong, powerful, willful, and unrelenting. The respect she holds in the DC Universe has yet to be measured. I can't in anyway possibly express how awesome she is. As I look back on the girlfriends I have had in the past, I always compare them to Wonder Woman......and none of them even come close. Every time I got a new girlfriend, I always saw Wonder Woman, deep within the pages of my comics, giving me all sorts of looks that showed disapproval, jealousy, hatred, etc etc. Wonder Woman, or Diana, would always win the battle. She always won me....

However, I did meet one woman that won my heart, she is now my wife. I had to really fight my feelings deep in my gut. The question I constantly was asking myself was, "Should I stay true to comic book fantasy girl, or move on and be with Clarissa. Clarissa ultimately won out. The days leading up to Clarissa and my wedding was a brutal one. I was still torn between Clarissa and Wonder Woman, and it was a tough battle. And on the day of the wedding, I was reading issue number 5 of the current run. I looked down at the first page and I swear, I saw Wonder Woman crying. Tears ran down her face, and her arms were extended outward, hoping for that chance to embrace me in her arms. And in that moment, out from that pages of that issue, I swear I heard her say "Don't leave me Jimmy, I can't live without you."

It broke my heart to hear her, in these last moments before the wedding, make a plea for me not to abandon her. but I had made a commitment, I was not going to abandon Clarissa for an imaginary female. I said to her, "Diana, I have to leave you."
and she replied, "Will I ever see you again?"
I say, "of course, once a month."
She said, "Do you promise?".
and as she roped her lasso of truth around me, I reply, "Of course, nothing could break the bond that you and I have."
She said, "I will always cherish the times we have had together."

And I close the issue and tuck it away in it's appropriate bag and board and slip it into the comic box. I was proud of myself that day. And even though Wonder Woman and I don't really have they same connection we used to, even though we don't converse in the same manner, even though we do not take time and frolick (is that spelled right???) in the fields of dandelions and tulips, When I open the pages of Wonder Woman every once in a while I'll see her wink at me and smile, as if she were saying, "Hey, if it doesn't work out with you and your wife, I'm always here."

So There you have it, my secret love affair with the amazon princess and super heroine. It was a tough battle for me but I believe I made the right decision in who I married. I don't feel that anything could break the bond the Clarissa and I have, NOTHING!!

Wait a minute, oh no! Power Girl issue #1 is coming out this month! WHAT?!?! of dear! she a powerful, strong woman and almost compares to Wonder Woman! oh great Hera, give me strength............

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