Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iowas own Phil Hester comes to Mayhem!

June 21st at 1pm you need to be in Des Moines at MAYHEM to meet comic book legend Phil Hester! He is Iowa's own comic book stud and he's got the credits to prove it, currently the writer on DARKNESS. He's known for his cool, sharp illustrations but he can also write!!! And don't forget. JOSH FIALKOV! He's the writer on VAMPIRELLA QUARTERLY!! He's new to the Mayhem store and hopefully be a returning member of the family. Come by and meet him and get him to sign a few books!!! Sunday, June 21st from 1PM-4PM!!! Des Moines Only!!!

Ive seen Phil Hester's work and never really thought much of it. But now, seeing as he is actually coming to Des Moines makes me look at his work differently. It's amazing that when you actually know someone who does well at something you look at their work differently.

I will be out of town looking for places to live in Colorado that weekend. But hopefully I will be back in time to go to Mayhem to check out Phil Hester's appearance. If you have the opportunity I would recommend paying a visit to mayhem and see what goes on this day.

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