Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Comic Book Review: Action Comics # 878

Chris Kent and Thara Ak-Var continue their search for General Zod's sleeper agents Az-Rel and Nadira. However, Chris and Thara's search isn't that hard as the two sleeper agents continually make their presence known more and more as the days go on. This issue shows Az-Rel and Nadira attacking an innocent women in her home and participating in sexual activities once they have disposed of the woman.

General Lane continues to show his hatred towards the Kryptonian race and persists on making his campaign against the alien species while ignoring the arguments opposing the Generals plans made by his fellow officers. A clear cut case of the General operating under blind hatred of a species based on what happened to many American officers by Kryptonian soldiers.

On a lighter note, Lois Lane's character has not been put to rest due to Superman's absence. After a deadly battle between Nadira and Thara in issue #876, Lois has been looking over Thara who sustained many injuries and also has been, what looks like providing housing for Thara and her son Chris. Along with this, it appears Lois is taking advantage of the contacts she has made as a reporter in helping Chris and Thara out in this mystery adventure and in capturing the two Kryptonian villains.

I enjoy the contrast that's happening with this story. Chris and Thara are the complete opposites of
Az-Rel and Nadira. It's as if two were cloned, and out popped their evil twins! Greg Rucka is approaching this story arc quite intelligently as he makes his commentary on the difference between love and lust. We find the two kryptonian criminals , as they continually reek havoc on earth, constantly tell each other "I love you," whereas as Chris and Thara never say this to each other even once. Now it's obvious to me that Chris and Thara truly do love each other, whereas Az-rel and Nadira are only it it for for the sex and violence.

Now, to be honest, the majority of the book is actually boring me. The hissy fits that general Lane keeps having about his hatred for Kryptonians is annoying me to no end. I know it's going to lead to something, but it isn't clear as of yet. The mystery surrounding General Lane and what he ultimately intends to do is not putting me at the edge of my seat in any way.

The artwork is not particularly my favorite.
Fernando Dagnino has never really done anything that I've loved, and this issue is no exception. When I saw the cover, my expectation for the artwork was topped out, it's a mastery of color mixed with with great emotion on the characters faces. However, once I turned to the first page, my expectation was met with great dissapointment. It reminds me of Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles comics for kids, just a little too cartoony for my taste.

After finishing this issue, I contemplated on dropping the Action Comics title until Superman returns from New Krypton. And currently that notion still wanders around in my mind. However, I think the drama with Nightwing and Flamebird plus the awful nature of Az-Rel and Nadira and the mystery revolving around these four is what will keep me with this title.

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