Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Comic Book Review: Green Lantern # 42

As much as I'm enjoying what Geoff Johns is doing with Green Lantern, I have to say I wasn't all that thrilled with this issue. I did enjoy the battle of will and avarice (Hal Jordan and Larfleeze) but I couldn't quite get into the story as much as I would have liked to.

There were moments of brilliance however. The moment Hal Jordan finally has sincerity in his heart which gives me the ability to use the blue ring to it's full potential, was absolutely hilarious! I busted out into tears of how ironically funny that moment was. And of course the "Gonzo" moment was priceless.

But what I was most impressed with was the moment Hal attempts to take Agent Oranges lantern away from him and is overwhelmed by this sense of greed. This is a very interesting statement being made by Geoff Johns. When Larfleeze has his lantern back in his clutches, and the power level shows up at 7839%, it shows that greed can be the most consuming and deadliest emotion out there.

This book is filled with angst and intensity, but the most intense part of the story is when the Guardians give up the Blue Lanterns location in order to keep Larfleeze out of their territory. The Guardians have always made me so angry in their values and decisions they make, and making this deal with Larfleeze infuriated me to the point where I called them a "bad" word. I'm starting to wonder who the real bad guys are.

All in all, the book is decent, but not as satisfying as one would hope. It's still well written and the art is fantastic. But it's just not up to par with a lot of the other stories that came out this month. But I am beginning to wonder how many different rings Hal will be exposed to and if he will be the one to inherit a "white" ring to defeat the Black Lanterns?

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