Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Movie Trailer: 9

Movie Website

So there is this new movie coming out by Tim Burton on September 9, 2009. (9/9/9, get it?) It looks interesting. From the look of the preview, it seems to be getting away from Burton's typical form of animation.

Since the film debut is a ways off, information on this film is very limited. However, from the looks of it, it seems that "9" was among several little creations during a time of human extinction. I'm assuming that the creator was a scientist who died before completion of his creations. Which means little number "9" will be saving the day from some type of world shattering catastrophe.

I'm quite intrigued by the story concept and the look of the film. However, since the release date is less than 4 months away, I'm wondering when more information will be out about the films plot. But who knows, maybe Burton wants to keep most of the information about the film under wraps until it's theatrical release.


  1. FYI: Tim Burton is not the director of this...he is one of the producers. I believe that Shane Acker is the director. I saw this a little while ago as well and I think it looks interesting.

  2. I realized that Tim Burton wasn't the director after I scheduled this to be posted, but I never went back and corrected that mistake. of well!