Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Comic Review: Power Girl #2

Last Month we were left at the edge of our seats with Power Girl in the clutches of the Evil Ultra Humanite! As Power Girl and Ultra-Humanite duke it out, he explains to Power Girl how he has been unable to find a new body suitable enough to transfer his mind to. Manhattan, hanging by exceptionally strong cables from Ultra-Hamanite's ship, is ready be destroyed along with all who live on the island unless Power Girl agrees to give him her body as the new vessel for his evil doing. Power Girl of course shows no sympathy and refuses his demands. The fight continues where Power Girl ultimately, due to a blow to the head from the ape scientist, goes blank.

Meanwhile on the Island of Manhattan, The Justice Society are doing all they can against Ultra-Humanite's android army while the people of Manhattan are running around in hysteria due to a toxic, fear inducing pathogen let loose by Ultra-Humanite.

As the mayhem continues below in Manhattan, Ultra-Humanite straps Power Girl down and prepares for the mind transference. As he does this, he describes in detail about his life growing up and how he ultimately came to transferring his mind into the body of an albino ape. As he finishes the story, so begins the mind transference with drills digging into Power Girl's skull.

This issue was a joy to read, better than the first issue! The one thing that makes power Girl so incredible is her sarcastic, kick-ass attitude. In almost every panel of the fight between her and Ultra-Humanite, Power Girl has the most abrasive look on her face, as if she's saying "what the hell are you doing?" This is an all out, bare knuckles, "whose your daddy" type of brawl, and I feel I should be concerned with Power Girl's well-being. Yet, I can't stop seeing her face and being reminded of all the times I've made a mistake and got the EXACT SAME LOOK from my wife! It was like Power Girl was becoming more annoyed than physically hurt.

There were no new realizations in this story however. It was basically a rehashing of what we already knew about Ultra-Humanite. However this did not kill the story. It was actually a very well done retelling of Ultra-Humanite's origin.

The one thing I have already determined that will be a constant for this title is the strange, sexual humor involved, Bestiality being the focus of this issue. But of course we can't forget the clever ways Sarah Conner (artist) can position Power Girl's body, and her boobs always seems to be perfectly set.

This title is quite refreshing thus far. Even though there is tons of drama and earth shattering events occurring, the book seems to be taking a "silver age" approach to this particular monthly title. Palmiotti is writing a fun story and not so concerned with making it so overly dramatic. I appreciate how this title is being approached and I sincerely hope it continues!

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