Thursday, June 25, 2009

DC vs. Marvel - who would win in a fight??

Back in 1996, there was a 4 issue mini-series titled "DC vs. Marvel." The series is written by Ron Marz and Peter David, with art by Dan Jurgens and Claudio Castellini. Due to popular demand by comic book fans who, for the longest time, argued about which Marvel and DC hero's would win in a fight, Both companies got together to create the ultimate one on one battles, The ultimate dream fights come to life! DC and Marvel got together and discussed how to go about choosing winners of battles and it was decided that they would put it to fan votes as to the victor of each battle.

Now they couldn't create this free for all with no purpose, that wouldn't make for a good story. Ron Marz and Peter David came up with the concept of this God like creature that controled the universe, but was split in two (along withhe universe) because of a "big bang." Now they are considered brothers in the comic that controlled their own dimension, but neither had any knowledge of each others existance. Somehow they became aware of each other. These brothers were the personifications of the DC and Marvel universes. The two brothers felt only one of the dimensions should be in existence and a series of battles between each universes greatest hero's will determine the dimension that will remain and which will cease to exist.

Now, when the mini series was published in 1996, Marvel Comics received more votes and the tally in the end was DC - 5, Marvel - 6. Here were the battle lines ups and who came out the winner....

Aquaman vs. Namor - Aquaman wins
Elektra vs. Catwoman - Elektra wins
Flash vs. Quicksilver - Flash wins
Robin vs. Jubilee - Robin wins
Silver Surfer vs. Green Lantern - Silver Surfer wins
Thor vs. Captain Marvel - Thor wins
Batman vs. Captain America - Batman wins
Spider-Man vs. Superboy - Spider-man wins
Storm vs. Wonder Woman - Storm wins
Wolverine vs. Lobo - Wolverine wins
Superman vs. Hulk - Superman wins

However, myself and many others like me felt that the battles were either unevenly matched or didn't make sense. SO! being the person I am, I have redone the battle line ups! Some will be the same from the 1996 mini series, some will be different. But regardless of who fights who, I feel I have made good and fair decisions as to who would win battles. So, without further delay, Please enjoy my DC vs. Marvel....

Nightwing vs. The Punisher - Nightwing wins!
Both equal in strength, and skill. Nightwing's stealth would defeat Punisher's mass arsenal of weaponry. However, I think Nightwing would have taken a lot of damage, and wouldn't walk away from that fight without being bruised, maybe have some broken bones.

Lobo vs. The Incredible Hulk - The Incredible Hulk wins!
With Lobo being this crazed alien bounty hunter, The incredible Hulk is a foe right up his alley. Sadly for Lobo however, the Hulk is victorious. But seeing as how Lobo is near the strength of Superman, this would be no walk in the park for Hulk.

The Flash vs. Quick Silver - The Flash wins!
The son of Magneto is no match for the fastest man alive. With Barrey Allen having the ability to move at speeds close to the speed of light, Quick Silver is no match for The Flash.

Superboy vs. Spider-Man - Super-boy wins!
Spider-man may have the abilities of a spider, but Superboy contains the powers of a native Kryptonian exposed to a yellow sun. I don't see Peter Parker posing much of a threat.

Catwoman vs. Elektra - Elektra wins!
An evenly matched pair. Both masters in the martial arts. However, I think Elektra would come out the winner in this battle. Except Elektra would walk away with her share of trauma, cuts, bruises and broken bones as well.

Steel vs. Iron Man - Iron Man wins!
Yeah, Iron Man wins here, hands down. Both scientists, but one is a little more advanced in the craft of armored suit making. I think Iron man could fly away from this fight with minimal damage as well.

Plastic Man vs. Mr. Fantastic - Plastic Man wins!
Even though Mr. Fantastic has done a lot of good, he would be no match for Plastic Man's crazy, cookoo brained fighting styles. Plastic Man has always proven himself to be able to survive the most dangerous of tasks.

Black Canary vs. Wolverine - Black Canary wins!
Even with Wolverines healing factor and unrelenting attitude, Black Canary is tough as nails and would carry this battle to the end. However, she would not walk away unharmed. She might even end up with a concussion.

Captain Marvel vs. Thor - Thor wins!
Two beings who receive their powers from a heavenly source, a perfect match! However, seeing as how Captain Marvel channels his power through another God-like being, and Thor is an ACTUAL God, I have to give the win to Thor. however, Thor would have a limp in his step after this fight.

Green Lantern vs. Silver Surfer - Silver Surfer wins!
This Battle is probably the most evenly matched battle of them all. The most powerful weapon in the universe goes up against one of the most powerful beings in the universe. It really was a tough call, but I would have to say Silver Surfer would win this battle. It hurts me to say that, but I think it's the correct outcome.

Power Girl vs. Rogue - Power Girl wins!
To strong hearted, yet stubborn hero's. I wouldn't want to get on either one of these two womens bad side. But I would have to say Power Girl has the edge over Rogue.

Wonder Woman vs. Phoenix - Phoenix wins!
Honestly, this is probably the toughest one for me to decide! I love Wonder Woman, but can she win against a telepath? In the end, I would say Jean Grey is the winner. But She would not be victorious without having her share of Amazonian scrapes and bruises tattooed all over her body.

Batman vs. Daredevil - Batman wins!
Two hero's with scared pasts. Both masters in martial arts. Both exceptionally intelligent in tactical defense and offense. This is the dream battle. However, seeing as how Batman has beaten the famed Superman, I would have to give the win to Batman.

Superman vs. Apocalypse - Superman wins!
I could not think of a hero that could contend with Superman in the Marvel universe. So, I chose a villain. And Apocalypse is definitely no push over. He might even be strong even to kill Superman. However, I believe Superman would over power this most evil of villains.


  1. Not being a comic book fanatic myself...although I always love the stories...I never know what is DC and what is Marvel. To be honest...I don't care. It seems the same to me. You should write a blog about why you like DC better. Maybe I would begin to understand the difference between the two.

  2. Good Idea, I could do that.....

  3. didnt they win on the basis of popularity?infact the winners were voted.......thats hy lobo went down easily against the comics silver surfer beat an inexperienced kyle rayner...we are talking about hal jordan here,i think it would be a draw...and check out my blog please...:)

  4. well of course it was all based on popularity. When DC vs. Marvel came out, everyone wanted their favorite to win and decisions were minorly based on who could ACTUALLY win a fight.

  5. Yeah I think DC should have always put Nightwing up against Spidey, and found it hard to believe anyone thought Storm could take Wonder Woman.

    Love the thought of Wolverine vs Black Canary Jimmy, and Superman vs Apocalypse. Think Rouge would take Power Girl though but dam that would be an awesome brawl ta see!