Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Best Pixar Films

So, like my top ten greatest comic book films, im now doing my own list of the best Pixar films. but I'm not ranking them, I've thought about what made each film good and giving my own specific award to the different films. And of course I'll give a "Best Pixar Film" award. so go through the list, comment if you agree or disagree. So here is the first "Heretic Movie Awards."

Funniest Character: Dori
Everything that Dori does, even the sad parts, are hilarious! I don't think I can watch Find Nemo without busting out laughing every time Dori comes on scene.

Most "EVIL" Character: Randall Boggs
Our of all the Pixar Villians, this is the only one who shows how evil he is by his willingness to do harm to children. Oh man, I just want to punch him in the face! Way to go Boo for kicking his butt!!

Best Character That Tried To Be Evil: Chick Hicks
Yeah, he just couldn't win a race but did everything in his power to do harm to Lightning McQueen. But all of his efforts failed miserably and he ended up just embarrassing himself.

Most Ridiculous Character: Needleman and Smitty
If there were two characters that truly served no purpose in the grand scheme of a film story in the history of film making, it would be these two. But wow am I glad they are in Monsters Inc. They are absolutely hilarious.

Most Heroic Character: Wall-E
For such a little guy, he truly has a big heart and is willing to go to great lengths to save the ones he cares about. Even holding onto a rocket ship flying into outer space.

Cutest Character: Boo/Mary
I think we can all agree that Pixar animates the cutest children ever. Boo is without a doubt the most adorable little girl in the world.

Most Scandalous Character:Lizzie
The one thing any young guy in his late 20's, early 30's does not want to have happen to him above all else is have a horny grandma putting the moves on him. Yuck! But it is certainly hilarious!

Most Lovable Character:Wall-E
Yup, he wins again. Because of his kind of lovable personality, he definatly wins the most lovable award.

Best Minor Character:Edna 'E' Mode
The Incredibles just would not have been the same without Edna. She was such a creative addition to the cast of characters. But I definitely would not want to get in her way. WHEW!

Most Passionate Character: Remy
He's as passionate about food as my wife is! He invested himself into the world of cooking and overcame the obstacles that laid before him. Remy is someone everyone could look up to.

Best Character Team Up: Woody and Buzz
Yes, they were meant for each other. These two are an inseparable duo. The models of what true friendship is all about. They have issues with each other, but they stick together like it doesn't matter.

Best Male Character: Woody
He conflicted, big headed, cocky, good natured, strong willed, kind, mean, etc etc. He's everything that you and I are. Woody is the best developed character in the Pixar universe.

Best Female Character: Elastigirl
Yeah, you push around the ones she loves, she will hand you your butt in a zip lock baggie. She has no fear, exceptionally loving, and true to herself. The most impressive female in Pixar.

Funniest Film: Monsters Inc.
It's as if the laughs never stop with this movie! I never find myself not smiling or laughing with this film.

Best Action Film: The Incredibles
Oh what? Im sure you saw this one coming! Explosions, ramps made of ice, running on water, flying contraptions, karate at it's finest, you just don't get better action out of an animated film!

Best Soundtrack: Monsters Inc.
What can I say, I love jazz! This is the soundtrack I could listen to while driving on the road, while working in the house, while reading a good book, while hanging out with friends...it's just an amazing soundtrack!

Most Detail Oriented Film: Ratatouille
I left the threatre hungry. Whenever I watch this movie I need to eat. If this film pops into my head my stomach grumbles. The detail made in making the animated food look delicious was incredible. Pixar paid close attention to the craft that is cooking and brought every aspect of that craft into this film.

Most Creative: Monsters Inc.
Yup, it wins again. It is such an interesting idea. take one of the worlds biggest myths, that there are monster in our closets, and give an explanation of why that is. And what makes it even better, is that these monsters are mean! (well, for the most part) And all they are doing is trying to earn a living. Such a nice, pleasant take on the myth, and making it great for kids and parents.

Best Character Development Film: Cars
This film did a superb job at bring two worlds together. The high class uppity meets the low down desert country folks. It makes us ask the question "why can't we stop putting ourselves in different classes and just live together as people?" It did a great job at allowing each side of the characters story to be heard and understood.

Best Animated Film: Monsters Inc.
yo have hairy monsters, scaly monsters, slithery monsters, giant monsters, small monsters, firery monsters, slimy monsters, etc etc. they were so many different details to this film im surprised Pixar made it through! Plus, the backgrounds in this film were quality. The snow, the tropics, the bedrooms, the millions of different doors, the factory, etc etc. this film had to animate so many different things, i give it the best animated Pixar Film award.

Best Written Film: Up!
Without a doubt the most complex storyline in Pixars history. This film addresses infertility, death, single parenting, loss of childhood illusions, and the necessities of respecting nature. This was a mature film in it's writing aspects. I would dare say that this was probably the most difficult script for Pixar to write. I certainly hope we see more Pixar films come out with this type of writing in it.

And now
Pixars Best Overall Film:
Monsters Inc.

yes, I did give it the "Best Pixar Film" award. Why? Because it deserves it. I know everyone will have there own personal favorite but in terms of detail, writting, editing, voice talent, direction, transitions, animation, story quality, etc etc etc, it's just without a doubt the best Pixar film to date.

The story is a typical Pixar story (which is in no way a bad thing mind you) where we have a the myth that there is always something out there to get you! But what has been done is taking the stuff children stories are made of and turned them into our worst nightmare! For example, Stephen Kings "IT" takes a clown and makes it a terryfying figure that goes around and kills children. Just think back at hoe many stories your read or seen on the big screen or TV where Childrens tales have been bastardized and made into horror stories.

Monsters Inc. tears away that fear. but not only that, it breaks the myth that Evil is powered by fear. The more you fear it, the more powerful IT becomes. It takes that and shows there is something more powerful than fear and that thing can overcome the evil you fear. It's the best Myth Breaking film ive ever seen! A film for both adults and kids that tells us we don't need to live in fear all the time. I think adults can benefit from this message even more than children can, don't you think?

This film is one I never tire of watching. I think I've watched it 10 times in the last 4 months. It's honestly that good! The casting was superb, Billy Crystal teamed with John Goodman was a match made in heaven. The animation was incredible, how detailed they were about making Sully's hair flow as correctly as possibly with his movements, and how detailed they were about every unrealistic aspect of the movie is just astounding. The Music for the film is my favorite out of all the Pixar films, so much fun to listen to and move to. This and so much more. If I were told I had to get rid of all my Pixar films (because I own them that have come out on DVD) except one, Monsters Inc. would be the one I keep.


  1. Funniest Character: I agree

    Most Evil:I think I would put the Hopper from "A Bug's Life" as #1.

    Best Character that tried to be evil: I agree

    Most Riduculous Character: I think I would put the Segulls from "Finding Nemo" as #1.

    Most Heroic Character: I'm torn on this one, but I think the mom for "The incredibles" would get my vote.

    Cutest Character: Agree (that's a given)

    Most Scandalous Character: To be honest, I don't remember Lizzie so I'm just gonna agree :)

    Most lovable character: Agree

    Best Minor Character: Absolutly agree!!!

    Most Passionate: I would say either Remy or the lead character in "A Bug's Life"

    Best Character Team Up: Agree

    Best Male Character: I don't know...I think I would put Mr. Incredible as #1.

    Best Female Character: Agree.

    Funniest Film: Too hard...I can't pick.

    Best Action Film: Agree

    Best Soundtrack: Agree

    Most Detail Oriented Film: Walle

    Most Creative: Walle

    Best Character Development: Toy Story.

    Best Animated Film: I don't know...they're all amazing.

    Best Written Film: Finding Nemo/Walle.

    Best Overall Film: Finding Nemo.

  2. I noticed you left out A Bug's Life, does this mean that this is the worst Pixar film? Or that it just doesn't win any awards?

  3. That is a good question though...which do you think is the worst pixar film? I vote "Cars" (although I love it).

  4. That is a good question though...which do you think is the worst pixar film? I vote "Cars" (although I love it).

  5. That is a good question though...which do you think is the worst pixar film? I vote "Cars" (although I love it).

  6. That is a good question though...which do you think is the worst pixar film? I vote "Cars" (although I love it).

  7. Declaring one pixar film to be the worst is really hard because they all rock!

    However, I would have to say that A Bug Life, even though it didn't make my list on anything, it was a close runner up when thinking of awards. However, Ratatouille was not a film that came to mind for awards that often...only twice. I would say Ratatouille is the worst Pixar film.