Monday, June 8, 2009

Comic Review: Batman and Robin #1 (6/4/09)

Ok, so if you read my blog, the writer I can't stand the most would be Grant Morrison. And i would avoid anything he writes if I could. Sadly, most the world seems to enjoy his stuff, therefore he gets to write the titles I read every once in a while. But I have never intentionally picked up a new comic book title that I knew he was going to be writing because I always knew it would be a disapointing read.....until now!

As I opened the open I would mutter three words repeatedly as if it were one big long word, "grantmorrisonsucksgrantmorrisonsucksgrantmorrisonsucks." This is how strongly I feel about how much Grant Morrison sucks!

I open to the first page and low and behold, there is a car chase! A carload of criminals is being chased by a flying Batmobille! (cool!) As I continually read through the pages, I was becoming more and more interested in the story. In fact, I wasn't able to put the book down. Never once did I raise an eyebrow, laugh at the story in negative ways, or throw my head back and let our a cuss word to show my disapproval in the crappiness that Grant Morrison.

The only gripe I have is, after seeing Damien Wayne in the Robin outfit, I'm not so sure Im excited about to see Damien as Robin. I honestly wish Tim Drake had stayed on with Dick Grayson as Robin. Damien is such a brat he's probably going to threaten to leave and fight crime on his own, Tell Dick off because he isn't doing the job like his dad would, or become so pissy and moody that it gets annoying....every issue! I hope Damien matures some in this new crime fighter role.

The art was fantastic. Frank Quietly has alot of critics because his art work isn't good enough for comics, but quite frankly (No pun on his name intended) I really enjoy his art work. I love how he's made it look very much like the classic Batman. Especially how the sound effects were clerverly drawn into the panels during the action sequences. Frank Quietly is one of the more artistic and clever artists in comics right now. It may not be conventional, or the way you the art to look, but he definatly brings his own unique style and cleverness to his artwork, and I greatly appriciate that.

Surprisingly overall, I very pleased with this first issue. It wasn't exceptionally well written, (he's no Alan moore or Geoff Johns) but it was definatly one of his better pieces of literature. It's worth reading. However, I am still a hater of Frank Miller! And he will have to continue to do good work this this title while he's on it before I can ever start to THINK about forgiving him for all the crap his written in the past. But I will say this, it is nice to finally see the worst comic book writer actually do something decent for a change.

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