Thursday, June 18, 2009

Black Lanterns Revealed!!!

Here it is, it's official! The hero's and villains that have died who will rise again and become Black Lanterns!

The picture above shows characters returning as Black Lanterns by showing the moment they were killed. From Left to right with super hero name immediately following...

Aquagirl, Tula
The Atom, Al Pratt
Sue Dibny
Firestorm, Ronnie Raymond
Captain Boomerang, Digger Harkness
Blue Beetle, Ted Kord
Maxwell Lord
The Black Condor, Ryan Kendall
The Phantom Lady, Dee Tyler
The Human Bomb, Roy Lincoln
Psycho Pirate, Roger Hayden
The Question, Vic Sage
Elongated Man, Ralph Dibny
Jean Loring, Eclipso
Doctor Light, Arthur Light
Martian Manhunter, J'onn J'onzz
Deadman, Boston Brand
Terra, Tara Markov
Sandman, Wesley Dodds
Jade, Jenny-Lynn Hayden
Aquaman, Arthur Curry
Jonathan Kent
Batman, Bruce Wayne

This is going to be exceptionally interesting. Geoff Johns will be raising characters as Black Lanterns that I didn't even conceive as a candidate for a Black Lantern ring. Martian Manhunter was a given seeing as how he died very recently. Firestorm and Maxwell Lord, yeah, that wasn't hard to figure out. Batman, I wasn't sure, but obviously he is being raised. But the one character being raised from the dead I'm the most excited to see is not even a Superhero...

Jonathon Kent! WOW! How in the world will Superman deal with this? This is going to be a complete mindf**k for Superman. I can see this going all sorts of places! Will Jonathon Kent have any recollection of who he is and his adopted son Superman? Was he chosen specifically by Black Hand to be raised to toy with Superman's head? Oh man, tension!!!!

The questions I continually ask is, will the dead that are raised as Black Lanterns be mindless zombies, or will they remember who they were? Will Black Lanterns have their own agenda to fulfill or will they be under the control of Black Hand? (who seems to be at this moment their self proclaimed leader.) And the biggest question haunting my mind, What happens to a Black Lantern when defeated? Does that Black Lantern return to the dead or will he/she return to the living?

All these questions and so little answers! AAAHHHH!!!!


  1. I have a bigger question - if Boston Brand is brought back as a Black Lantern, what does that mean for his spirit, Deadman? Will he still be a separate entity, and if so, could he take possession of himself?

  2. seeing as how deadman's powers come rom him being....well...dead, I'm not entirely sure how this will play out. But I think he could be a key figure in this whole story.

  3. So many of these characters I'd flip to see back in the DCU for good (Martain Manhunter, Ronnie Raymond I'm looking at you), however I think some of the best reactions will be like you say in match ups like Clark and Jonathon Kent and Donna Troy and her dead children.

    God does that last bit sound twisted lol

  4. It is twisted! That's the point, the dead rising from their graves is twisted to begin with!! that's why I love it!!