Friday, June 26, 2009

Best and Worst for June

Alright, here's my second installment of my Months best and worst. There were A LOT of great stories that came out this month for DC Comics. With Blackest Night coming next month and the new Justice League mini series on it's way as well, stories are becoming very much focused on getting fans as excited as possible upcoming events!

I have based my comic books rankings on three thing...
1) A well written story
2) Quality of the art
3) How well the art and the story blend to captivate the readers

Keep in mind a few things, the story in a comic book could be exceptional, but if the art is lacking that could be a factor in how I ranked it, and vice versa. I also give a brief description of my thoughts on each individual book as well.

This month, I'm going to go backwards from worst to best. Keep in mind, being at the bottom of the list doesn't necessarily make the book bad, just not as great as the ones above. But in the case of this list, the bottom few are not actually that great.....

13. Justice League of America #34
It truly does pain me to put The Justice League title back on the bottom seeing as how it was the comic book that got me hooked on comics early in my childhood. Never the less, McDuffie proves again that The Justice League is a book he should never lay his hands on again. If the writer cannot do a title justice, no matter what the circumstance, then that writer should not have anything to do with it. Bringing in Icon and other Wildstorm characters was a poor decision that should never have been considered. I hope Len Wein can bring this book back up to the level it was when Brad Meltzer was on this title.

12. Justice Society of America #28
The story wasn't bad, just not great. I became bored at times while reading it. I wasn't sure I understood the storyline in relation to last months book. I did enjoy the art to a certain point, but ultimately I don't think it serve the book well.

11. Superman #689
Last month, with Mon-El realizing he was dying, I had high hopes for this issue. There was so much potential for an angst driven story. Sadly however, the potential this book had didn't quite carry through. Mon-El reminiscing on what he's done around the world, going from country to country doing what he could to protect it and the allies he seems to be forming is a very creative way to approach this story. However it is a little to slow to follow. But the ending did show promise for next month...but of course I said that last month as well. Mon-El replacing Superman wasn't the best choice on DC's part if you ask me.

10. Superman: World of New Krypton #4
I have to be honest, I did enjoy this book, it was a lot of fun. But there wasn't any huge new realizations that was brought to light which I felt was needed for this 4th issue of the Superman mini-series. I find it strange that Superman is being charge with treason when he's only been on the job for a short time. I'm interested to see how DC plays out this story. And I am enjoying the art for this title!

9. Green Lantern Corps #37
nothing really wrong with this book other than the fact it felt way to short! I think with everything building up towards the Blackest Night for next month, DC wasn't sure how to get ready for it in this issue. Once I finished the book, I felt empty rather than wanting more. I wanted more and I'm excited for what's going to happen, but the story just leaves you hanging with nothing really to grab onto until the very end. And the ending is very out of the blue.

8. Green Lantern #42
Honestly, Geoff Johns did a great job writing this, it just wasn't his best. The characters and twists the story takes are fantastic, but the story wasn't as epic as it should have been. I have a review that will be coming out next week which will explain more on my feelings towards this issue.

7. Supergirl #42
Excellently done. The story and the art are a match made in Heaven. Supergirl has been interesting for me. When it started it was strange, and it got better, than went down hill, then got strange again and now it's great! I'm just waiting for it to go downhill again, I pray im wrong. There's so much tension right now with Supergirl having accidentally murdered Lois's sister and with the mystery revolving around her mother, Superman and the events on New Krypton.

6. Power Girl #2

Sarah Conner doesn't disappoint. Power Girl proves to, once again, be one of the toughest Females hero's to ever grace the pages of comic books everywhere. please read my comic review of this issue to find out more.

5. Batman & Robin #1

As a grant Morrison hater, I must say this issue was damn impressive! Frank Quietly is an amazing artist who has a style all his own that goes under appreciated all the time. I hope Morrison can continue to bring great life to this title. please read my comic review for more on this issue.

4. Action Comics #878
Overall, this book was a great and refreshing read. The social commentaries made in it are so subtle, yet so profound. I love the interesting take on how love means different things to different people. Please read my comic review for more on this issue.

3. Batman #687
Perfect! You couldn't ask for a better transition for Dick Grayson as Batman. This was such a tear jerker and depressing book...but that's why it's so good! Please read my comic review for more on this issue.

2. Action Comics Annual #12
So where Batman #687 was perfect, The Action Comics Annual #12 was even a step up. This issue went above and beyond giving us a tremendous story filled with love and angst. Greg Rucka writes a story about how the current Flamebird and Nightwing came to be. This was a mythological story at it's finest. The connection these two have, how Flamebird finds Nightwing, and the loss that the two characters had to endure is so sad. But seeing as how these two truly care for each other is such an uplifting thought. I recommend this book to everyone.

And now, The best comic for the month of June....

1. Wonder Woman #33
Yes, wonder Woman #33 makes it to the top of the list. All I can say is WOW! Aaron Lopresti gets the best artist of the month gold star and Gail Simone should be given an award the equivalent of the noble peace price for comics!

This book shows how strong of a human being Wonder Woman truly is, unrelenting and a true warrior in heart and soul. For a story synopsis, please read my comic review which will come out next week Monday.

I am most impressed with how Simone writes the confrontation between Diana and Zeus, and how she defies his authority and leaves the Amazons because of the plans Zeus has towards her people.

What impresses me most about this book is how I feel like I'm reading something that might as well have come from the pages of a Greek Mythological story. In both the written story and in the art, it's as if this story was torn from the history books, and rediscovered for all the world to see and enjoy. Simone and Lopresti truly did their homework on this title and I find myself wondering what I'm going to do once Simone decides to stop.

If you aren't a Wonder Woman follower, please become one! When the "Rise of The Olympian" story arc comes out in the trade paperback, go buy it! You'll enjoy every page. But pick up this issue in particular, even if you haven't been following this title for the last eight months. You will still appreciate the artistry and creativity that went into this issue.

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  1. Yeah this story has been great huh? We are a few weeks behind here so we dont have this issue yet but if your words here are anything to go by it should be good! Loved the lasso rip out scene of the last issue!!