Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nolan and BATMAN 3: FAR From a Done Deal?

I found this article online. This worries me!!!!........

When I got the chance to visit with David Goyer and Jonathan
Nolan a year ago, one of the things I heard them tell us media folk was that they had to lobby and “convince” Chris Nolan to do THE DARK KNIGHT and they’d probably have to do the same thing for there to be a Nolan-helmed BATMAN 3.

Maybe the sale-job on Chris for a third BATMAN is going to be a really tough one this time.

Despite the fact that BOF has had some unofficial assurances that Chris would indeed return and direct a third BATMAN, industry scuttlebutt says – and has been saying – differently.

I’ve been told that while they desperately want another Chris Nolan BATMAN, Warner Bros. does have a shortlist of directors (Zack Snyder's reps told BOF that he wasn't interested) they’d consider and ultimately turn to if (and when) Nolan’s done with The Caped Crusader. And frankly, it certainly wouldn’t be prudent of them not to have such a list.

Several (and unrelated) industry friends of BOF have been telling me over the last year that it’s far from a given that Chris will do another one. And alarmingly, this one’s starting to pick up steam.

Case it point, a report I received from an old friend of the site overnight via email. This cat works in the business behind the camera and has proved to me long ago to be legit. With that said, this again is what I term “Industry Scuttlebutt,” so keep that in mind. Also, if any of my friends at Warner Bros. or reps of Mr. Nolan want to refute the following, you’ve got an open forum here. Anyway, according to our source…

* The death of Heath Ledger in January of 2008 rocked Mr. Nolan hard. So hard that Chris was convinced that TDK was going to be it for him and Batman on film.

* The Joker was going to return in BATMAN 3.

* “You are correct in reporting that he is developing story

ideas with [Jonathan Nolan] and David Goyer, but it will be until AT LEAST 2012 before we see the Caped Crusader back [in theaters]. And that is only an EARLY ESTIMATE at best right now. They are even saying it might not be until 2013.”

* Basically, the BATMAN film franchise is back to square one. As far as a story or a BATMAN 3, “Right now, there is none,” says our guy.

Now, there was some other stuff that was off the record (mainly to protect our guy's identity), but really, it doesn’t affect the jest of this story. The bottom line here is that we may be a ways away from a BATMAN 3 -- with or without Chris Nolan.

Look, I want Mr. Nolan to return as much as anyone else and have TONS of respect for him, Emma Thomas, Charles Roven, David Goyer, Jonathan Nolan, and the rest of the folks who’ve given us the BEST two BATMAN films ever. But if Chris is done, then he’s done and I’m sure as hell not going to begrudge the guy. Despite the fact that I am a “Batman Fan” first and foremost, I’ve also grown to be a big Chris Nolan fan as well. BUT…

As a Batman fan, I certainly hope that Warner Bros. has a contingent plan in place – and one much better than the one they had back in the early 90s.

Despite the bummer vibe that permeates this report, let me remind you of the positives. One, Warner Bros. has not officially announced that Chris is done and the search is underway for a new Bat-director. Secondly, Nolan himself has admitted to “musing” with David Goyer about the storyline of a third film. Third, back in February, IGN reported that Chris is the only screenwriter attached to B3 per the WGA. And finally, the same industry scuttlebutt that produced today’s story also says that Chris’ deal with WB for INCEPTION included at least a handshake agreement for BATMAN 3.

Keep those fingers crossed Bat-Fans!

(For all "on the record" and "official" info regarding BATMAN 3, CLICK HERE.)

Now Im not sure how reliable of a source this is. From what I've been hearing, it sounded as if plans were being made already for a 3rd installment of the Batman films and Nolan without a doubt in for a third go round.

But if this is true and Nolan decides not to go for the 3rd Batman film, I can't help but wonder, will a new director meet the standards that Nolan has set in the Batman film franchise. It worries me just a little.


  1. That worries me too. The recent Batman films have set incredible standards...

  2. Don't forget, this is very similar to what was being said up to a year after Batman Begins was in theaters. Nolan was not going to make a second film unless he felt the story was worth making, but before he agreed to it, he was writing notes like crazy on what the story would involve. The only new factor here is Ledger's death, and what it meant to everyone personally and to the story of the third film overall.

    It's already been rumored that the third film will involve the Riddler and that the Joker was supposed to make another appearance. The two biggest questions are is the story Nolan is coming up with good enough for a third installment and can it be told with the absence of Heath Ledger? If the answer to either of these questions is 'no', then perhaps it is better if Nolan does not make a third Bat film - and he's probably in the process of answering these questions now. I doubt we'll know for at least another year.

    The standards Nolan have set will be tough for even him to reach in the third installment, and he has said numerous times he's never seen a superhero trilogy with a solid third film (Superman 3, X3, although I would have to disagree with Spider 3...). Although if he can't reach those standards, I'm not really sure who could.

  3. It will be tough. I do recall Nolan once saying he would prefer to use, for the third film, villains that have not already been used in any Batman films before.

    This leaves room for villains like Hush or Azrael.

    But I did forget about the hoopla from Batman Begins so maybe Nolan is just an indecisive director.

    Ill keep my fingers crossed!

  4. This is so scary. I love Chris Nolan. I'm also afraid that if Nolan didn't return as the director, then Christian Bale wouldn't return as Batman.

  5. I think Bale will come back regardless.

    Now since Nolan is helping with the story for the third film, there will be that hint of the Nolanized Batman should he decide not to direct. If the script is done by Nolan, I'll be pretty satisfied.

  6. I don't see him so much being indecisive, but I think he wants to be damn sure the story is solid instead of moving forward with something crappy. I have heard he said he did not want to reuse villains, but I believe that was before anyone saw Heath Ledger's joker.

    At the very least, if he doesn't direct or write the script, I hope he produces it.

  7. I agree, I hope he is apart of the movie making process.