Thursday, June 4, 2009

Green Lantern: First Flight Trailor

Green Lantern: First Flight finds test pilot Hal Jordan recruited to join the Green Lantern Corps after the death of his predecessor Abin Sur and placed under the supervision of respected senior officer Sinestro. The newly recruited officer of sector 2814 soon discovers his mentor is actually the central figure in a secret conspiracy that threatens the philosophies, traditions and hierarchy of the entire Green Lantern Corps. Hal must quickly hone his newfound powers and combat the treasonous Lanterns within the ranks to maintain order in the universe.

According to director Montgomery, the film will not focus on Jordan's origin story as that was previously covered in the Justice League: The New Frontier film: "...we really didn't want to spend a whole lot of time telling that same story over again. So in Green Lantern: First Flight, the origin story is over and done before the opening credits."

Directed by Lauren Montgomery and written by Alan Burnett. The DVD is scheduled to be released on July 28 of 2009.

My Response:

I'm completely and utterly excited for this DVD to come out. Green lantern is without a doubt the best comic DC has going right now and that's all thanks to writer Geoff Johns.

So it's a smart move in DC's part right now to release a DVD based on DC's best selling book right now. This will also get people very excited for the Green Lantern film which will released in 2011.

Here's the DVD trailor for the DVD....

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  1. Nice one - looking forward to this!! Hopefully it has as wider distribution as Batman and New Frontier did - Wonder Woman was very hard to get here.