Saturday, September 19, 2009

Comic Book Review: Blackest Night - Batman #2 (of 3)

Written by Peter J. Tomasi Art by Adrian Syaf and John Dell

Plot: Batman and Robin find that there typical way of fighting villains (no guns) will not be enough to stop the risen Black Lanterns. While still honoring Bruce Wayne’s style of crime fighting, they enlist the aid of flame throwing technology to defeat the zombie villains of Batman’s past. Elsewhere, unknown to anyone, Deadman possesses the body of Barbara Gordon in an attempt to save Commissioner Gordon from more Black Lanterns. We end this issue with a twist I think everyone probably saw coming, Dick Grayson is now faced with the most terrifying event in his life…his parents, risen from the dead as evil Black Lanterns.

My Thoughts: I was little worried about this issue at first, the cover made me wonder a few things. First, why is Batman using guns? Was this issue possibly alluding to the Grayson Batman way of fighting crime? And second, I thought to myself, “Oh my, the Ghostbusters are back and they wearing the cape and cowl!” But of course my fears were relinquished once I began reading the story.

Tomasi’s writing is always a toss-up for me. There are moments of brilliance, and moments of dullness. Currently his work on The Green lantern Corps is less than satisfactory, very long and too many plots going on at the same time. However, Tomasi is redeeming himself with his work on Blackest Night: Batman thus far. His best work is when he has the opportunity to flesh characters out. BL: Batman #2 truly brings out some major character development the new Dark Knight and Boy Wonder. It seems Damian Wayne is warming up to Dick Grayson as Batman more and more. And even though I’m still not convinced that Damian is a good choice for Robin, I’m beginning get used to the idea.

Syaf is a newbie in the art department of DC Comics and I’m currently very impressed by what he’s doing. His use of light is very mature and creative. The flames from the flame throwers are blindingly superb and artistic. The amount of detail in his art goes beyond a lot of comic book artists who have been in the field for years and years.

Overall, a good issue. It’s a lot of fun and keeps you interested and wanting more. No complaints here! And I totally want to see how Dick handles having to fight off his parents who want to rip his heart out. Who would have thought the Flying Grayson’s would ever be seen again? Very emotional! Oh the angst, give me more!!!

4 out of 5 stars

Next Month: Backest Night - Batman #3 (Conclusion)
The stunning conclusion arrives! Batman and Robin, along with the help of Deadman, try to defend Gotham City against the onslaught of Black Lanterns. But how do you defeat an enemy whose only goal is to feed off the emotions of a city and eat the hearts of all that stand in their way? Prepare for the answer from writer Peter J. Tomasi (GREEN LANTERN CORPS, THE MIGHTY) and up-and-comer Ardian Syaf!

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