Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Movie Updates: Thor

Kenneth Branagh is on board with directing the upcoming Marvel Comics film, Thor.  The cast is filled with big name actors and actresses such as Natalie Portman playing Jane Foster, Tom Hiddleston and god Loki, And chris Hemsworth as the title character Thor.  It was rumored that Jessica Jessica Biel would be playing the skilled Asgardian Warrior, Sif.  However, those rumors were torn to shreads when Jaime Alexander was casted in the role.

I'm somewhat excited about Thor.  Having never read the comic seeing as how it's a Marvel Comics title, I still enjoy mythological stories and Thor falls right into that category. 

I think Chris Hemsworth, who we've seen play as George Kirk in the recently released Star Trek, is a perfect choice for the role of Thor.  However, I think he'll need to beef himself up a bit in order to look more the part.

I find it interesting that, of all people, Kenneth Branagh is picked to direct this film.  Branagh is an exceptionally acomplished actor and director whom I never would have picture being apart of a comic book film.  I'm glad to see he doesn't few the comic book genre as something beneath him.

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