Monday, September 21, 2009

Jimmy's Pull List for 9/23/1009

Blackest Night: Superman #2 (of 3)
Superman: Secret origin #1 (of 6)

And coming to me by mail in two weeks....

Justice League #37
Power Girl #5
Supergirl #45

I'm most excited for:
Superman: Secret Origin #1.
Geoff Johns is probably one of the more creative writers in comics right now.  His secret origin story with Hal Jordan was very good, so I'm excited to see how Geoff Johns decides to put a twist on the Superman origin Story.

I like how Johns has been given the opportunity to re-map the DC Universe.  Johns has the ability to boost the mature tone and quality of DC and I think it will be a successful run with this new Superman mini series.

Plus, Gary Frank is such an amazing artist how could I not be excited for this series.  The only way I could be more excited was is Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti were working together on this mini.

Now, the only question, why now?  Why do this Superman mini series now when the focus is Blackest Night?  The DC universe always seems to tie all their titles into the big event in some shape or form.  Will this mini have some connection with Blackest Night or is there some other reason for making sure this series is going on right now?  Could there be a connection with the dilemma on New Krypton, something that will help solve part of a mystery?  who knows? 

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