Monday, January 4, 2010

Best Of 2009: Top 5 DC Comics Covers

5. Detective Comics #853
I was hooked on this cover when I first saw it.  The usage of red and black is incredible.  And the idea of Gotham City as Batman's coffin was a stroke of genius.

4. Secret Six #12
I don't know what it is, but this cover is amazing to me.  It could be the subtlety of Wonder Woman's upper and lower portion of her body peering in and how realistic it looks.  One of my favorites.

3.Wonder Woman #33
This cover blows me away!  I love the use of digitally enhancing the foreground and background, and how the only thing really clear is Wonder Woman's face.  It's a perfect visual description of Wonder Womans's feelings at this moment in her story.

2. Power Girl #5
Maybe it's my crotch speaking, but really, this cover is fantastic!  It sends a real clear message of "you can look, but if you touch I'll break your arms off!"  But even so, the background is gorgeous, and the cape flying behind her fantastically detailed!

1. Batman #684
Come on, you have to admit that this cover is beautiful.  The streaks of light beaming through through the objects in front of it are incredible.  The work it must have taken to put this piece of art together must have been immeasurable.  I dare anyone to challenge the fact that this cover does not beat out anything else that DC comics, or any other comic company has put out for 2009.

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