Sunday, January 17, 2010

Comic Book Review: JSA All-Stars #2

Book Information
Written by Matthew Sturges &
Co-Feature written by Jen Van-Meter
Art by Freddie Williams II
Co-Feature art by Travis Moore and Dan Green

Stargirl has been kidnapped and the JSA All-Stars frantically go on the search for their missing comrade.  But instead of finding the teenaged hero, they run into a team of their villain counter-parts, the Injustice Society.  As the JSA fights to free Stargirl, power struggles between Power Girl and Magog steadily increase, and team discover a secret beyond comprehension involving the mystery behind Stargirl.

My Thoughts
This issue is a little less compelling than last months JSA All-Stars #1.  Last month, Sturges was taking the time to develop the characters as apart of this new extension of the JSA, but this issue dives more into the mystery of Stargirl and why no villains dared attack her.  It makes for an interesting read, but does lack some of the qualities #1 had.

One of the most annoying aspects of the Justice League was the other counter-part team, the Injustice League.  Now, after a very long hiatus comes the return of the Injustice Society.  It worked in the beginning, but how can Matthew Sturges have this overly used plot device in his JSA run and not burst into laughter at the ridiculous nature of it?  I can only hope that the Injustice Society is short lived and forgotten about, never to be brought back again.

Mr. Sturges is, however, appealing to my twisted nature with his pedophile main villain, Johnny Sorrow.  The sweet sixteen hero, Stargirl, find herself in the midst of the adult villain, professing his love to her.  This creepy and seedy plot twist adds to the already conflicted storyline of a splintered team trying to find its stride in the crime fighting world.  Johnny Sorrow is a very interesting character addition to the JSA title and it would be nice to see him as a consistent villain for the JSA; he has everything a good villain should have, lust, a power hungry attitude, and a twisted way of getting what he wants.

However, like most of the issues in the JSA for the past three months, this issue is nothing more than one big fist fight for 30 pages, under the leadership of our annoying friend Mr. Magog.  With his constant disagreement of their tactile methods and moral judgments, I’m beginning to wonder why the heck he’s even on the JSA.  Further more, because everyone else seems to disagree with virtually everything Magog commands, I wonder why they decide to leave the regular JSA and side with him in the first place?  I feel a lot more confused about this spilt up now that it’s happened.  Something has to change in order for the All-Stars to maintain some sense of team unity and loyalty.  And based on the cover of issue #3, we may see just that.

The art is no different from issue #1, over the top muscle definition, very well endowed women, and unproportional body types.  Power Girl’s boobs are still shooting right out at my face, which causes me to loose focus on the story and just stare in utter amazement at the size of her mountains.  It’s as if Freddie Williams II told himself “I’m going to see how big I can make her boobs and get away with it.”  Well, he certainly is doing just that, as well as ever so slightly increasing the size of Stargirl’s boobs.  I’m so happy Sturges is NOT doing the art for Wonder Woman right now; he would completely ruin her in every possible way. 

Even with Sturges’ obsession with PeeGee’s boobs, the energy within his art is undeniably strong.  The action in every panel is powerful and moving and causes me to get even more engrossed into the art work.  Sturges is good with the energy, but needs to tone down the “boobage” just a bit.

This issue is entertaining, however a couple of notches down in quality from last months issue.  I certainly hope the tension between Power Girl and Magog is resolved next month because I know everyone is waiting for that inevitable PeeGee punch to the jaw of Magog.  And seeing how no comic book readers are true Magog fans, there will be a congregational cry around the world on February 10th, where every comic book junkie will cry out “Hallelujah” and praise Power Girl for being the completely awesome hero she is.

Rating:  5 out of 10 stars

Next Issue Coming February 10th, 2010
Co-feature art by Travis Moore and Dan Green Cover by Freddie Williams II
In "Constellations" part 2, the All-Stars are on the trail of the villains who've kidnapped one of their own while internal turmoil creates drama in the ranks! And after what went down in the JSA ANNUAL this month, it looks like Magog won't be on the team much longer!

In the co-feature, Liberty Belle and Hourman trek to Venice alongside Icicle and Tigress in an amazing race to learn the secret of the ancient Staff of Legends

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