Monday, January 4, 2010

World Of Warcraft Catches A Drug Dealor!

According to Yahoo News, World of Warcraft was instrumental in discovering a fugitive drug dealor and tracking him down.  Below is the entire article.  Click HERE to go to the actual website with the article on it.

Criminals can run, but they can't hide. Especially if they play World of Warcraft.
Just ask Alfred Hightower. Having successfully left the country to avoid being nabbed for dealing drugs, the fugitive figured he was home free. But thanks to his insistence on keeping up with his World of Warcraft habit, Hightower was tracked down by authorities and is now in custody, reports The Kokomo Perspective.
The saga begins in 2007, when Indiana's Howard County Sheriff's Department issued a warrant for Hightower's arrest on charges of dealing in multiple controlled substances. U.S. Marshals were unable to locate the suspect, although a tip placed him in Canada.
According to Howard County deputy Matt Roberson, authorities came upon the Warcraft connection during their investigation into Hightower's background.
“We received information that this guy was a regular player of an online game, which was referred to as ‘some warlock and witches’ game,” he told The Perspective. “None of that information was sound enough to pursue on its own, but putting everything we had together gave me enough evidence to send a subpoena to Blizzard Entertainment. I knew exactly what he was playing — World of Warcraft. I used to play it. It’s one of the largest online games in the world.”
Blizzard played ball, giving up Hightower's account history, IP address, screen name, billing address and preferred game server. One Google Earth search later, and Canadian authorities had apprehended Hightower in Ottowa, Ontario.
“You hear stories about you can’t get someone through the Internet,” said Roberson. “Guess what??You can. I just did. Here you are, playing World of Warcraft, and you never know who you’re playing with.”
Warcraft is just the latest ally in gaming's war against crime. Several weeks ago, police tracked down a New York thief by tracing his online gaming on a stolen Xbox. Federal officials have even begun using Sony'sPlaystation 3 to crack passwords used by child pornographers.

This has to be one of the most amazing things I've ever read!  I never even thought about police using online gaming as a detection tool.  Hopefully this can be used to the advantage of the authorities in positive ways.  
I can see this becoming a problem with gaming fanatics, claiming this is an invasion of privacy.  However, I do believe that this whole online gaming age must remember this...It's an online community, and you have to be careful with what you do online.


  1. So you're telling me I have to choose between crime or WoW? Dang.. I'll go with WoW I guess. It costs less in the long run. :)

  2. Poor Hightower better luck next time, you can't escape with the law! Too bad that you spills some info of you and I'm glad Bliz cooperate with this matter, I salute you with this!