Sunday, January 17, 2010

Top Ten Comics For December, 2009

10. Justice League of America #40
James Robinson finally brings a quality Justice League book to JLA fans.  It's very moving and undeniably worthy of a top ten spot for December

9. Blackest Night: JSA #1
This book has a lot of fun moments in it as well as keeping it emotionally exciting

8. Supergirl #48
Supergirl whines a lot, yet the mystery set within this story is getting really good!

7. Secret Six #16
What can I say about Gail Simone except that she is the best writer with DC right now.  This issue rocks!

6. Power Girl #7
Exceptionally corny, yet quite original.  You'll laugh with every page turn.

5. Batman #694
Tony Daniels is truly keeping us on our toes with this edition of Batman.

4. Blackest Night #6
I definitely didn't see that one coming.  Nice job and shocking the crap out of us Mr. Geoff Johns.

3. Green Lantern #49
It was nice to see John Stewart get a whole book dedicated to him after so long.  This was a much needed issue.

2. Wonder Woman #39
While I was confused with a portion of the story, this issue really did bring down the house for me.  After reading it I said "yeah, this is definitely in my top 5 for December."

1. Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1
Yes, Wonder Woman takes the top two spots, and reasonably so with Rucka and Simone writing at the helm.  This first issue of Wonder Woman's Blackest Night tie-in was truly incredible.  The emotions stemming through her could have brought down the mightiest mortal, but not her.  Wonder Woman also found a new way of killing the Black Lanterns, with her love.  It burned so bright that it singed the zombies to nothing but piles of ash.  Another clue that Wonder Woman has a big role to play in this series.

And one cannot complain about Nicola Scott's amazing artwork.  She is equaled with artists like Ed Benes and Jim Lee.  This was a perfect comic book.

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