Thursday, January 21, 2010

Comic Book Review: Green Lantern Corps #44

Book Information

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleeson & Rebecca Buchman

Black Lanterns relentlessly attack the GL power battery, and the Corps is helpless against them.  The only thing keeping the Zombies at bay is the newly inducted Red Lantern, Guy Gardner.  While The Green Lanterns pray that Guy’s continuing rampage against the Black Lantern Corps will be successful, Mogo comes on board with and delivers coup de grace on the Zombies that, quite frankly, leaves them a little hot under the gills.

My Thoughts
The Green Lantern Corps has never impressed to the point where find myself awestruck and flabbergasted.  That state of being frozen with surprise usually is saved for stories written by Gail Simon, Neil Gaiman, or Alan Moore.  However, Tomasi proved to the world that he has just as much talent in his writing skills that the other heavy hitting writers have.

The plot itself goes beyond my expectations, utilizing the element of surprise to its fullest degree.  I’ve never seen a point in Mogo’s character, why induct a planet into the corps when all it’s able to do is idle in space and make other Lanterns feel good about themselves?  It never occurred to me that Mogo could actually become a valuable asset to the corps.  With the ability to draw in any organic life form is one thing, but to push the Black Lanterns into Mogo’s hot, molten core was a stroke of genius.  With this tactic, the Green Lanterns don’t have to worry about destroying them since they will constantly be melting and burning forever.  That is the type of ending that vivaciously engages your excitement and keeps your interests alive.  Two thumbs up for Tomasi for his intelligence and originality.

Guy Gardner as a Red Lantern is a lot more exciting than I initially thought.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think he had it in him, even with HIS temper, to take on an entire race of creatures single handedly without a scratch.  But what caught my attention the most was the love he portrayed for his friend and alley, Kyle Rayner.  As Kyle approached through the horde of Zombies, Guy’s rage tone down almost completely with the relief that Rayner wasn’t dead.  But as suddenly as that happened, Guy reverted back to his angry state of mind and began attacking Rayner as if her were his arch nemesis.  It didn’t matter that Rayner was still alive, it didn’t matter that he risked his life forcing himself through the clutter of Black Lanterns to see Guy, all that matter with Gardner was the rage within him.  Guy even stated he enjoys the Rage, as if it were clearer and more enjoyable than anything else he’s ever experienced.  This shows me that deep down inside, Guy Gardner really has nothing in his heart except rage.  Hopefully his girl, Ice, will be coming into the picture soon to help calm him down and find peace yet again.

Patrick Gleeson is an interesting artist.  He has a way of making his strange artistic style connect with me in many ways.  I’m very picky when it comes to art.  Give me clean lines, realistic expressions, interesting usage of colors and lighting and you have me hooked; Gleeson hardly has any of that in my mind.  Yet for reasons I can’t explain, I love his art work.  Maybe it’s the flashy attitude he puts into every page, maybe it’s the detailed work he puts in the background, or maybe his style is just different enough to me that I find it incredible to look at that makes me enjoy anything he does.  Whatever the case, Gleeson creates art that is undeniably top quality and I couldn’t ask him for better.

Fantastic issue!  I’m torn between this and the current issue of Batman that Tony Daniels delivered this month for the best of January.  One thing is for sure, this issue will be the best or second best comic of the month.  But with the Black Lantern crisis averted, how will the GL Corps deal with red ring bearing maniac Guy Gardner?

Rating: 9 out of 10 stars

Next Issue Coming February 17th, 2010
The battle for the Green Lantern Battery on Oa comes to a bloody end as the new fron in the War of Light emergis!

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