Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Movie News: Spider-Man's New Director

James Cameron To Direct Spider-Man Reboot?
James Cameron is being rumored to direct the new Spider-Man reboot franchise.  Apparently James Cameron wrote a treatment to Spider-Man back in 1991, so Sony is looking to enlist Cameron to take the lead in bringing this reboot to life.

I find it unlikely that this rumor is true seeing as how he has six films in development which include a fifth Terminator film, and a film adaptation of the Japanese hit "Heavy Metal."  But even if the rumors do turn out to be true, It worries me because Cameron is mainly known for his "action films" and not so much his "literary films."  I remember watching "True Lies" staring our esteemed governor Schwarzenegger and thinking this was nothing more than a "hit 'em up and shoot 'em out type of film."  This trend of film making follows Cameron like an annoying tick, and he can't seem to get out of that rut.

I'm praying that Cameron will find a decent writer to help boost the Spider-Man franchise up a few notches and put out some quality Spidey films come 2012.

Jonah Hex Reshoots
The entire cast of the upcoming Jonah Hex film is being taken back to L.A. to reshoot multiple scenes and a few new script additions.  Apparently Warner is unsure of their DC adaption and feel it doesn't meet the needed standard to be successful.

From what I'm hearing, it sounds as if the story was lacking substance and needed some revamping.  The newly improved script will now focus on more story based dialog and less on action packed mayhem.  I personally have never read Jonah Hex, but I've always enjoy comics that featured him as a guest star.  He's a rather interesting addition to the DC Universe and I might start picking up the trades for his title.

I am sad to see Megan Fox is in the cast of the film though.  I wish everyone would start to realize that Fox may be a hottie, but an actress she ain't.

Blake Lively Casted As Carol Ferris In Green Lantern

You heard it, an unknown! I'm not too familiar with her, which means new faces are being put into the next big comic book film. Which makes me happy!
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