Friday, January 29, 2010

Comic Book Review: Justice Society of America #35

Book Information
Written by Bill Willingham
Art by Travis Moore

Mordru has sent the Society into separate dimensions where they face unique and dangerous tasks that match their personalities.  Dr. Fate lays unconscious in the real world unable to assist his team mates.  What will the Society do to rectify their current predicament?  Will Mordru finally get his revenge on his enemies or will the Society learn from past mistakes? 

My Thoughts
A series of tasks are appointed to each member in which Mordru no doubt thinks them unbeatable.  Why Willingham decided to do this, I have no idea.  Why put the 3rd smartest man in the world in a battle of wits with a sphinx?  We all know it’s going to be no challenge right?  But to make matters worse, not only was it an easy task, but there was no conflict with the beast in any shape or form.  Mr. Terrific smart talks his way out of this fight right at the beginning and the whole string of dialog becomes redundant and contrived, along with the rest of the book.

Willingham attempts to make the story interesting by singling out each member into different worlds that resemble a bit of their personality; however nothing interesting becomes of it all.  Liberty Belle doesn’t actually defeat the multiplying beast, Wildcat never breaks free of his own doing from the giant stuffed animals, Mr. America never actually out runs the pack of wolves, Doctor Mid-Nite stays trapped among the sickened patients, Lighting only meets, but does not fight the electrifying creatures ready to destroy her, and Flash only sinks in the quicksand running from an ever growing swarm of bees.  The only Society member who actually accomplishes anything is Green Lantern in his battle of intelligence and agility against Mordru’s onslaught of raw power.  How are they freed from their dimensional prison?  Dr. Fate sticks his hand inside different boxes and pulls them out.  Plain and simple.  No member learns anything new about themselves nor do they discover any new mysteries involving Mordru or of a future oncoming threat.  If Willingham had at least made each society member beat their individual tasks, then the issue could have been salvageable, but nothing good comes from it.

I truly hate this “hokey” approach Willingham is taking with the Society.  It feels as if the team has split, and the All-Stars are the ones taking things seriously while the other half is joking around and making light of the situation.  This feels cheap and poorly planned and I’m not sure I want to continue picking this title up anymore of Willingham continues to write crappy stories like this.  Grant Morrison writes better stuff for goodness sakes!

The art is fair, although not what it needs to be to help boost the lack in quality writing.  However, Travis Moore does possess a talent that resembles the old style of comic book art, which fits with this title very well.  I could live with having Moore stay with the JSA for a long time, as long as Willingham gets out of dodge!

Piss poor.  Take this opportunity to save $2.99 or spend it on something worthy of your hard earned money.

Rating: 1 out of 10 stars

Next Issue Coming February 24, 2010
The discovery of exactly who was behind the recent attacks on Obsidian and other members of the Justice Society puts the team on the trail of a true Axis of Evil! This means war!

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