Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Comic Book Review: Blackest Night #6 (of 8)

Book Information
Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Ivan Reis & Oclair Albert

Having failed to stop the Black Lantern corps by combining all spectrums of the light, the leaders of the different corps have turned to Ganthet to deliver them from this deadly situation.  As the rest of the world fights on to defeat Nekron and his continually growing corps, Ganthet calls upon the assistance of some very unexpected individuals.  But the question still remains, what is the fate of our beloved heroes who escaped death and are now under the rulership of Nekron?

My Thoughts
So, not having access to a comic book store that took advantage of DC’s “Green Christmas” early bird special over Christmas, I was subject to hearing all the great, unexpected surprises issue #6 brings to the table.  And of course, it does!  However, I’m not entirely sure if this issue is deserving of all the praise it has been receiving.  Maybe it’s the fact that I was bombarded with raving reviews and expected too much, but I am unable to get as excited about it as the rest of the world.

Of course the issue is fun and exciting to read, however the first half of it is more of a recap of what we already knew.  In fact, I would say the only new realization we come to is how the Lantern rings have the ability to replicate themselves another ring, in which case Ganthet sends those replicated rings out to find worthy alleys in this battle against the Black.

I do wonder what the point of reintroducing Ganthet back into the Green Lantern Corps was supposed to accomplish.  For starters, aren’t the guardians their own living power battery?  Why does he need a ring?  Was it for the sole purpose of replicating the rings?  And if so, did I miss a key story line that helped outline the fact that the Green Light controls the others?  That part of the issue felt very contrived and forced in my opinion.

Now, the second half of the book is quite entertaining.  It all seemed to fit so perfectly, like all of the original creators of the Flash, Atom, Scarecrow, Wonder Woman, Mera and Lex Luthor had divinely ordained Geoff Johns to one day write this story.  Flash getting the Blue ring of hope, Wonder Woman receiving a ring of love, Lex Luthor selfishly nabbing onto an orange ring, Mera spurting blood as a red ring wraps around her finger, Atom taking hold of an Indigo ring of compassion, and Scarecrow being inducted into Sinestro’s corps of fear…It’s absolutely perfect.  Almost too perfect!  I wonder if this plan of action by Ganthet will play out like his hoping.  And what will this mean for the future of these heroes?

Ivan Reis again takes my breathe away with his spectacular artwork.  The interesting thing I’m finding to be a common thread with this series is, the further along we get, the brighter each issue seems to become.  The covers were very dark toned in the beginning.  But as the stories progress, the more colorful and bright they become.  If this was on purpose, kudos to the artistic team!  Wonderful work and I can’t wait to see what happens next month!

A lot of fun, but a little underwhelming.  Not what I thought it was going to be…which could be part my problem.  However, without a doubt this issue has started something that is going to take the DCU by storm!

Rating: 7 out of 10 stars

Next Issue Coming February 24, 2010
Sorry, but the cover says it all.  We wont know anything till February 24.  AAHHH!!!

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