Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Comic Book Review: Superman World Of New Krypton #11 (of 12)

Book Information
Written by James Robinson & Greg Rucka
Art by Pete Woods and Ron Randall

Superman and Adam Strange come closer to solving the mystery of the phantom sniper gunning after the council members of each respective guild.  But the closer they get, the more terrifying the results become.  As the space duo continually pushes through to solve this mystery, they are at the same time threatened by the very people whom Kal-El is trying to defend.

My Thoughts
Out of the eleven issues that have been published in this series, this has got to be the strongest one.  It kept my interest pumping through every page, mainly due to the confidently humorous man that is Adam Strange.  I really had my doubts about introducing galactic space ranger in this series, but Strange has shown a lot of promise.  His ability to subtlety make fun of the idiocy portrayed by the Kryptonians and the detective skills makes you chuckle underneath your breath.

I do get a little frustrated by how dumb these Kryptonians are.  It took an Earthling to show these aliens what it means to be a “super sleuth.”  The intelligence level is not represented well in the Kryptonian race and I blame Mr. James Robinson who has portrayed an entire world of living and thinking beings as no smarter than the humans we know here on Earth.  But of course, that may be the whole point that Robinson and Rucka are trying to make; to allow Superman and Strange to outshine every living being on New Krypton and become the real hero in the reader’s eyes.  Having Rucka on board has really helped Robinson’s below average story telling.  Rucka has always been a top notch writer and he was able to give the WONK series the boost it really needed that Robinson was unable to provide.

Woods and Randall do possess artistic talent, but once again they bring us the quality that is only equaled by a children’s picture book.  I feel as if I’m opening the pages of a baby book, the only difference is this issue is made of paper while a baby book made of cardboard.  The use of color is quite good, but the figures are too wooden and unproportional for me to enjoy the artistic value of the book.

This series, while fun to read, I fear will be a complete let down once the final issue comes out next month.  I really can’t comprehend why this was made into a separate series.  DC could have kept this whole arc in the actual Superman title and given Mon-El his own mini-series.  I have a feeling that once I read next months issue, I will be left unsatisfied and empty inside from reading this series.  This issue, in and of itself is great thanks to Rucka, but overall, the series I fear is going to be a complete let down.

Rating: 6 out of 10 stars

Next Issue Coming February 3rd, 2010
Now that the conspiracy involving New Krypton's council has been brought to light, can Superman keep his people from tearing each other apart? And what does a skull-shaped ship flying towards New Krypton mean?

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