Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best And Worst for September

Well here it is again, a little late, but still here. The Best And Worst for the month of September. And it’s the women that get the top 3 for this month. Wonder Woman, Power girl and Supergirl all take the top spots unquestionably. Justice League really gets a kick in the junk for pure stupidity, while Geoff Johns does a bang up job spots 4, 5 and 6 and truly showing the world that he is one of the better writers in comics right now.

18. Justice League 80 Paged Giant
I wish I could take back this wasted time in my life. There was no point to the story and continuity was not existent as well. This issue literally pissed me off! Worst book of the year in my opinion!

17. Batman #690
Winick should not be writing for Batman…sorry!

16. Superman #692
Why call it Superman when Superman isn’t even in the book? Plus, stop making the characters stupid and annoying! I’m sorry Robinson, you just aren’t doing this book any justice.

15. Green Lantern Corps #40
There is some semblance of a plot, but it’s too crunch up into 22 pages for it to make sense and worthwhile.

14. Blackest Night: Superman #2
Just a little too random and disconjointed. I still enjoyed reading it, but wouldn’t consider it a great read.

13. Action Comics #881
The first part of The “Hunt for Reactron” story arc starts here! Wait, they already had that one didn’t they?

12. Justice League: A Cry For Justice #3
A definite step up from issue one and two. However, Robinson seems to be dwelling a little too much on the “torture” part of the story and not pushing forward and transitioning into his time on Justice League.

11. Justice League #37
Great Job Wein! Nothing spectacular like Brad Meltzers duration on the JLA title, but a nice way to transition into the “new team.”

10. Blackest Night: Batman #2
Solid Artwork and a solid story! A lot of fun.

9. Batman & Robin #4
Morrison is doing a fine job with the title. However, he’s starting to follow his typical trend of starting out great, and plummeting downwards. I wonder how long he plans on sticking out with this title?

8. Supergirl #45
This title is probably the most emotionally draining title being published right now. It has gone from being “eh, s’allright” to “WOW! I can’t wait til next month!”

7. Superman: World of New Krypton #7
Superman is very alone, no allies, no friends, only enemies. Lois Lane is the only thing he look forward to see once he returns. This was such a tear jerking issue! So great!

6. Superman: Secret Origin #1
Geoff Johns, mapping the DC universe. Dan Didio is doing something right for a change!

5. Green Lantern #46
Wow……what a great issue! Sinestro doesn’t hold anything back! Geoff Johns is a genius.

4. Blackest Night #3
Blackest Night finally takes off with new realizations and plot twists. While we learn so much, we still have so many questions. Oh man it’s like I’m watching Lost!

3. Wonder Woman #36
I look forward to this title more than any other on a monthly basis. If Gail Simone leaves this title, I think I’ll shoot myself! Please stay with Wonder Woman Gail! Don’t leave me!

2. Power Girl #5
What’s the only thing better than porn? A comic that makes fun of porn! A great read; completely over the top and corny as hell…that’s why I like it!

1. Supergirl Annual #1
Supergirl makes it to the top! Gates shows how truly remarkable a female superhero can be by revealing the biggest flaws in human nature. With commentaries on prejudice, shallowness, fear, ignorance, violence and human imperfection, we as readers are given the opportunity to look within ourselves and see our own flaws and our own imperfect tendencies.

Like I always say, the best stories are the ones that make us question our upbringing and the values we have lived with for so many years. Supergirl makes many mistakes in this issue and wonders how has made matters worse. The people around her, trapped in the bank, act as if everyone else is the enemy and stop at nothing to behave like beasts in order to get what they want.

This issue will definitely be going on my list of the top ten comics of 2009 which I will post sometime in January.

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