Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Comic Book Review: Power Girl #5

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art and cover by Amanda Conner
Variant cover by Guillem March

*Note: I've added both the regular cover and varient cover in this review because, well, I think they are both awesome!

Plot: The three sexy alien females we were so gracefully introduced to a few issues ago have finally made their way to Earth and have already started causing what looks like mayhem and destruction.  Power Girl, after being knocked out by an exploding alien ship and chatting with a half nude male android, hunts down the alien female trifecta.  Which in turns put her in the mist of a brutal fight between the trio and another alien visitor of the male persuasion.  Power Girl is now left with the famous question that we all ask ourselves at some point or another in which has now been abbreviated… “WTF?”

My Thoughts: Let me be perfectly frank here and say that Power Girl is doomed to live out her days as THE sex symbol of DC comics for as long as she is around.  I could not help but read this issue and feel as if I just watched one of the greatest introductions to a porno film I’ve ever seen.  (Not saying I’ve ever seen one…you believe me right?)

The first page starts off with her getting undressed and into her costume, while a mysterious unknown, (and unseen) photographer takes photos from a rooftop.  Then, not four pages later, we find her trapped in a dark alien ship with a dark haired, half naked man who seems to be ready for some hot and steamy “between-the-sheets” action.  Now keep in mind, with Power Girl having misplaced her gloves and boots and only wearing her white top, it looks as if she is wearing sexy lingerie, which only enhances the pornographic feel. And let us not forget about the exploding ship, and how tired and worn out Power Girl seems to feel after that “massive explosion” from the ship self-destructing.  That must have been a pretty good “climax” if you ask me.    I can only imagine how much fun Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray had while writing this issue.  I mean come on!  This story arc is titled “Space Girls Gone Wild” for Pete’s sake!

Now, the porn atmosphere of this issue did not take away it’s entertainment value, rather it enhanced it.  It added a lot of humor, which is what this title is trying to do.  But there was more to this issue than just amplified sex appeal.  The story of these female alien invaders is already making me ask questions.  From the look of things, it seems they didn’t come to Earth with the purpose of causing mayhem.  Everything that is happening was on accident.  I’m not excusing their actions, but there does seem to be something going on that isn’t quite right.  Hopefully this will come to light in the next issue.  And I want to know more about this mysterious male Alien visitor, friend or foe?

I must add (once again) how much I love Power Girl’s reaction to the stupidity of people.  Amanda Conner gives Power Girl the greatest “shut the fuck up” looks I have ever seen.  Power Girl is a tough woman and I would not want to get on her bad side, ever!  I must also give Conner three thumbs up for outstanding art.  The panel of Power Girl lying in the dirt covered in soot and flame residue from the explosion was gorgeously done!  I might see if I can make it my computer wallpaper. 

Overall: Fantastic!  My only complaint about this issue is the mere fact I read through it way too fast!  I wanted more!  But sadly, writers and artists are limited to 22 pages of story and art. 

Now, let’s keep in mind, the Power Girl title is not filled with gripping stories found in Blackest Night, or Superman: World of New Krypton, nor is it a groundbreaking comic book that will define the future of comics everywhere.  But it is without a doubt one of the more entertaining comic books out there today.  Palmiotti, Gray, and Conner have gone above and beyond in creating such a fantastic comic book title.

5 out of 5 stars

Next Month: "Space Girls Gone Wild!" part 3 of 3! The trio of sexy alien marauders continues their rampage across Earth, and Power Girl makes her last stand against these seemingly unstoppable foes. But even Power Girl has her limits…

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