Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jimmy's Pull List for 10/28/09

Once again, Wednesday approaches and I'm gearing up for my trip to the comic store.  I'm very much looking forward a new writer for Batman, Geoff Johns continuing his great writing in Super Secret Origin, and seeing further development in Blackest Night.  Anyways, here it is....

Wednesday, 10/28/09
Batman #692
Blackest Night #4 (of 8)
Justice Society of America #32
Superman: Secret Origin #2 (of 6)

Coming By Mail In Two Weeks
Green Lantern #47
Superman #693
Wonder Woman #37

Most Excited For....
Wonder Woman #47
Well of course I'm most excited for this title.  Gail Simone is my favorite comic book writer right now, and Wonder Woman is my dream girl!  This is a no brainer.  but with a lot of pregnancies going on on Paradise Island and Diana stuck in the middle of a war, it's getting pretty intense right now.  Maybe she will get back together with Tom?  I hope so!

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