Monday, October 5, 2009

DVD Review: Superman/Batman Public Enemies

Plot: Lex Luthor, now the president of the United States, has been working to bring all super humans under his leadership to help control vigilantism and have them working towards a “greater” cause.  However, Luthor has a hidden agenda in mind, which of course involves Superman.

Angered by Superman’s refusal to join him, Luthor frames Superman as a murderer and places a bounty on Superman’s head.  This brings a plethora of popular villains to claim the bounty.  With the help of Batman, Superman goes on a quest to help clear his name and to once again, bring Luthor to justice. 

My Thoughts:  If you are hoping for a great plot-driven story in this newly released animated feature from DC Comics, you will be very disappointed.  From the moment you hit “play” until the very end, this movie is practically nothing but one big fist slamming, action-packed brawl that lacks that literary substance I was hoping for.

Most of what you will see is a very well animated cartoon that resembles very much the artistic style of Jeph Loeb’s story which is where this animated feature got it’s inspiration.  We see Superman with an incredible physic, bulging biceps, rippling pectorals, and chiseled abs…but with an incredibly young looking face.  In fact, if you were to analyze every character in this movie, you might come to the conclusion that every male have exaggerated physical features, and a baby face for a head.  These super heroes are over exaggerated in their physical demeanor so much, that at times they look overweight.  Yes, Superman looks fat!

This DVD reminded me of the Superman/Doomsday DVD, where the story felt rushed and not planed out very well.  I think it was mostly an excuse to bring in characters like Captain Atom, Solomon Grundy, Mongul, Starfire and Power Girl.  There was truly nothing captivating about this animated film concerning the script.  Power Girl, like always, had enormous boobs and great legs, but she did not feel as confident as she has always felt to me in the comics.  Starfire was a complete waste of time since she had no lines and no real role in the story except to show off her skimpy costume, and Mongul gets taken down like he was a paper doll.

Now it was really nice have the voices of Kevin Conroy (Batman) and Tim Daly (Superman) make return for this film.  In fact, I would say casting for this film was spectacular.  Clancy Brown without a doubt IS Lex Luthor in voice.

As bad and poorly written as this film is, I have to say that I was entertained the whole way through.  Yes, the movie really does suck overall, but it was fun to watch all of my favorite villains and heroes make some cameo appearances.  And the fight scenes were animated very well.

Overall: a pretty bad film, but still entertaining.  It’s disappointing, yet satisfying at the same time.  There are moments of brilliance, but I would say it isn’t worth the money to purchase and own.  But this is definitely worth getting at your rental store and/or through Netflix.

1.5 out of 5 stars

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