Friday, October 2, 2009

The New League

So it’s nothing new, the league under the writing of James Robinson has been decided upon long ago, and discussions and arguments have commenced all over the internet and beyond. And the underlying argument that seems to be at the heart of all the discussions rummaging through the net is this, what makes a Justice League?

You have three main groups that take the forefront of these arguments. The first are the ones who want the powerhouse heroes, the ones everyone knows about and are the most popular, which of course includes Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern.

The second group consists of people who want new faces, or underdog heroes that don’t get much of the lime light but who are really cool! And the philosophy behind this group generally is that these mainline heroes get too much air time and DC should not have to rely on them for a good story.

And the third group could care less who is in the league, just as long as the writing and story are top notch.

Now I personally have my own opinions about the perfect league. And I typically fall into that third category, however I have slight glimpses of being a member of the first two groups just because I love Superman and Wonder Woman, but I do think they get more time on the pages of DC Comics than anyone else. But typically, as long as the writing is good, then so am I.

Brad Meltzer’s League, the one that formed at the very beginning of the current Justice League run, was not what I would have picked as the PERFECT league. However, Meltzer’s stories were phenomenal and incredibly emotional. I mean good grief, Red Tornado and Vixen? Come on, who in their right mind would think that that would be a good idea? But Meltzer made it work better than any writer for a Justice League title has ever done.

The league has had its good times and bad times, but overall, it truly doesn’t come down to those in the league, rather who is writing it. And this rings true with any comic book, as long as the writer can make a good story and captivate its readers, then the comic will be a success.
What are your opinions and thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? What group might you fall into when concerning the league? Tell all!

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