Monday, October 26, 2009

Best of 2009 Is Coming!!!

Besides actually reading and talking about comics, my favorite thing to do is RANK comics. I've been talking about this forever and we are finally at that point of the year where I rank the "best of 2009!"

The ranking categories are as follows for the Best of  2009 (in no specific order)....

Best Comic
Best Artist
Best Writer
Best Cover
Best Story
Best Villain
Best Hero
Best Monthly Series
Best Mini Series

I will also be making a list of the WORST for 2009 as well which will be the opposie of the list you see above you.

* Fort any of these to qualify, it has to be a publication in the year 2009.  DO NOT pay attention to the date on the cover, go with the actual publication date.

* Mini-series can only qualify if it ENDS in 2009.  It can start in 2008, but must end in 2009.

* For a regular on going title to qualify, it must run for at least 6 months of the 2009 year.  again, go with ACTUAL publication date and not what is printed on the cover.

Feel free to nominate your best and worst!  thanks!

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