Sunday, October 11, 2009

Comic Book Review: Justice League A Cry For Justice #4 (of 7)

Plot: Hal’s group of pissed off hero’s dig themselves out from all the rubble and go on a search by way of torturing other villains they have capture in league with Prometheus. In doing so, a few members begin to question if these torture tactics are an honorable and just way of fighting crime. While the team fights amongst themselves as to which method of fighting crime is better, Congo Bill and Starman locate their friends killers and fight for their lives. Jay Garrick, in the meantime, is running all over the country mysteriously asking question and checking up on certain hero’s and people that we, as fans, seem to have forgotten about.

My Thoughts: This issue was definitely a step down from last month with the whole back story on Prometheus. It still had some great stuff, but the story in #4 kept elevating up and down for me. The plot involving Bill and Starman are wonderfully emotional and meaningful, where as the “main” storyline involving Hal Jordan and Green Arrow seem to be lingering on the same thing from issues #2 and 3. Robinson needs to find a way of moving on to something deeper than everyone questioning the torture method of fighting criminals. And it sounds like he will; I don’t think Green Arrow is going to put up with Hal’s ways any longer. However, I’m afraid this could lead into a splitting up of the team, which I feel is a danger zone since Hal’s team is a splintered version of the current league anyway.

I don’t see how the art could get any better! (Of course I said this about every issue that has come out thus far, so what do I know?) I couldn’t help but feel like I was staring at a moving poster while holding the cover to my face, drooling over it like a 28 year old nerd in a comic book store drooling over all the comics. (Oh wait, that IS me!) Mauro Cascioli truly is the man holding this miniseries together. With every page, I have to remind myself to read on and enjoy the story. (As hard as that can be sometimes.)

Overall: A great issue as far as the art is concerned, but a below average issue as far as the story is concerned. Put the two together and it comes out to be an average book.

2.5 out of 5 stars

Next Month: Justice League A Cry For Justice #5
Supergirl and Shazam join the team as Prometheus is finally captured! His evil machinations are revealed, but even so, the League may be unable to stop the villain's disturbing plans as he cuts down one of the members! Don't miss this shocking new issue that'll have everybody talking.

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  1. Is it me or does Jay Garrick really suit being in the League?

    Like you I'm hoping the pay-off is worth sitting through some of the harder moments the series has had so far - like Atom's interrogation of Prometheus... and looks like the next issue could be where that happens.