Monday, October 5, 2009

Comic Book Review: Supergirl #45

Written by Sterling Gates and Greg Rucka 
Art by Jamal Igle and Jon Sibal 
Cover by Joshua Middleton

Plot: We enter into the second part of the hunt for Reactron and Supergirl is faced with the question of getting past differences. Can she trust her childhood friend to help her in this hunt, or will the tension continually build where they ultimately duke it out?

Along with this, the anti-Kryptonian campaign pushes forward with Cat Grant at the head of it all. Squad K tracks the three Kryptonians down to Paris France and attempts a “seize and capture.” And while all of this is going on, we wonder where is Reactron? Getting ready to make his move, that’s what!

My Thoughts: If I were to vote on the comic book title that has improved the most since it started, I would say Supergirl is that title. There has been more time an effort put into this book than its comic counterparts, which include Superman, Action Comics and the World of New Krypton Series. Superman, which has been lacking severely in quality writing, has seemingly been going downhill since Superman left the title on his brief sabbatical to New Krypton. And Action Comics, while still very interesting and emotional, doesn’t touch the quality of storytelling that Supergirl has been getting.

The anti-Kryptonian sentiment is creating such tension and angst in the Superman family that I honestly feel parched by all of the hatred and turmoil going on in Metropolis. Of course, it could be just the fact that Cat Grant is causing such a ruckus while heaving her enormous breasts out for everyone to see which is making me a little angry. (Don’t worry Power Girl, she’s got nothing on you as far as endowment is concerned.)

Speaking of Cat, I can’t ever imagine a more pissed off Lois Lane than the one depicted in this issue. Cat Grant looked completely horrified and taken back by Lois’ temper. I’m so glad that Lois is still a major player in this title, even with Superman gone. Goes to show how independent Lois actually is, and how she doesn’t need Superman near her to be a vital part of the story.

I am getting a little upset at the lingering bitterness that Supergirl and Flamebird keep showing towards each other. I think it’s mainly due to the immaturity of Supergirl and her unwillingness to forgive. I fully believe that Flamebird wants to be friends with Kara again, but Kara continually puts her foot down and is too stubborn to let by gones be by gones.

The art is, as always, striking. Jamal Igle puts an incredible amount of expression into each face of the characters in this book. I refer back, once again to Cat Grant and her hilariously terrified look as Lois whacked her cup of water out of her hand like it was her ex-boyfriend. Two Thumbs up on art.

Overall: A good issue. Worthy of a top ten status for this month. I only hope this hunt for Reactron is over with sooner rather than later. Reactron just isn’t a villain I think works very well in the DC universe.  This story continues in Actions Comics #882.

4 out of 5 stars.

  This Month: Action Comics #882
"The Hunt for Reactron" part 3! Supergirl and Flamebird continue their slugfest, with poor Nightwing caught in the middle! Wait, isn't that man standing over there the same Reactron who murdered Supergirl's dad and Flamebird's surrogate father? Get him! Continued in SUPERGIRL #46... And in the new Captain Atom co-feature, the mystery of where (and when) Captain Atom is heats up when someone with a connection to Metropolis arrives on the scene. But are they friend or foe?

Next Month: Supergirl #46
Continuing from ACTION COMICS #882, "The Hunt for Reactron" concludes! It's the final showdown between Flamebird, Supergirl and the man who killed their father. And for the Daughters of Zor-El, that means it's payback time. Will Reactron make it out alive? Or is Nightwing the only one who can save
them all?

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