Monday, March 22, 2010

Bat News: Batman, Batman And More Batman

Superman/Batman Annual #4
I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty excited about this comic coming in June.  If nothing else, I'll be getting the book for the cover alone!  Staley Lau has always been a great artist in the comic book realm, but I have to be honest and say this cover, from the Superman/Batman Annual #4, is by far his best piece of work.

Batman Beyond Returns
Along with this June release of the book, another series, which I'm sure will be well received, will come a few weeks later.  Batman Beyond returns as a limited six issue miniseries with Terry McGinnis returning to the Dark Knight singlet.  I remember watching this Cartoon show when I was younger and loving it and it's comic book inspiration.  But now DC has decided to move away from the campy art and story telling style and give Batman Beyond a proper, more mature approach.

Adam Beechen, of whom I'm not familiar with, will be writing futuristic storyline and bringing back some old characters, Bruce Wayne being one of them. Ryan Benjamin takes over the artistic side of things, hopefully giving McGinnis that much needed revival of mature artwork.  I probably wont pick up this miniseries, but might buy it in the trade depending on how well it's received by fans.

Batman #700
I'm looking forward to the climactic 700th issue of Batman, but I just now realized Grant Morrison is returning to the said title.  SERIOUSLY?!?!  I have to suffer through another story arc by Morrison?  Why can't they just keep Tony Daniel on the title, he's been doing wonders for Batman.

It will be interesting how Morrison decides to bring back Bruce Wayne to the DC Universe.  I certainly hope it makes more sense than his shitty R.I.P. storyline.  But if nothing else, Tony Daniel will stay on as the artist and deliver what I'm sure will be top notch artwork.

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