Monday, March 15, 2010

Heretical Jargon: The Audacity Of Warner Bros. And DC

Megan Fox Sucks!
She's staring in Jonah Hex....Is anyone else upset by this?  ggrrrr!  And I know it's an optical illusion but does Megan Fox look as if her waist is is a lot smaller than what it should be?  Nice job to the costuming committee at making Fox seem even skinnier than she already is.

I have been told that Jonah Hex is a great comic book to read and I should pick it up.  I've never been a big fan of westerns, but Dan Didio's work on the Blackest Night Tie-In, Weird Western tales definitely peaked my interest.  I think Josh Brolin will rock as the title character, but Megan Fox will tear the movie down as easily as wet toilet paper.  But, I guess Warner Bros. must please their crowd, even if they're wrong.

Wonder Woman is to lame of a super hero, WTF?!?!  I'll be going to watch this film purely to see Josh Brolin kick some major ass and out stage Megan Fox.  Is it a bad sign when an actor or actress pisses you off so much just by the mere mentioning of her name?  Maybe I'll start a Megan Fox hate club, that should make me feel better about life right?

Bruce Wayne To Be Resurrected, DAMNIT!!
I understand that Bruce Wayne is the ONLY Batman and Dick Grayson will never fill his shoes to a satisfactory level, but honestly, how much longer can this constant resurrecting of heroes go on for?  Superman came back to life after dying, As did Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Superboy, Ice, etc etc, the list goes on.  I was really, REALLY hoping that DC would not defile Bruce Wayne by causing him to return from death like everyone else.  I was happy with him dying peacefully the Neil Gaiman way.  But thanks to the evil efforts of Grant Morrison, Bruce Wayne shall return.  I can only hope that Mr. Wayne will not take back the Cape and Cowl and live out his days as Bruce Wayne and let Dick remain as the Dark Knight.

Watchmen 2???
As I'm sure the well informed have heard, there are rumors of a sequel to Zach Snider's Watchman adaption.  Now while I know that every single Watchmen fan is opposed to this, none of us are surprised by the Stupidity of the whole concept.

However, I think fans will be happy to hear that Patrick Wilson, who played Niteowl, according to had a few conflicting things to say about the possibility of a sequel...

CS: Patrick, I want to quickly ask you about these rumors about the new DC Entertainment and how there's been talk of doing a prequel or sequel to "Watchmen," which might not be true, but have you heard anything about that stuff? I know Zack Snyder has always been against the idea.
Wilson: (shakes head) We always sort of joked, like "What would happen?" but the reality is... I think the movie's great, I had an unbelievable time doing the movie, but actually, from that perspective--it's not that you're ever glad that a movie didn't do $500 million--but for the idea of "Now we've gotta do a sequel," financially it wouldn't even make sense.CS: But I feel that the DVDs and Blu-Ray have done very well with all the different versions.
Wilson: Yeah, but I don't know what you'd ever do with it, I don't know how you'd ever.. the whole point of the movie… CS: that it's one complete story.
Wilson: Yeah, yeah.

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